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Ed Edition for Home/Online Learners



  • Hi Shanyn Silinski this is coming very soon!! Watch this space!

  • C D

    I am delighted to see this post. As a teacher in Alternative Provision for a social work company I work for in the UK I teach pupils with multiple needs who either already play Minecraft or who would benefit greatly from acmes to the Education Edition lessons. It would enable them to play to their strengths and develop skills that could make future career options possible. Their lack of engagement, confidence and capability to access the standard curriculum due to their complex and particular needs means many do not recognise or reach their potential.

    I knew nothing about Minecraft before being taught it by my current pupil, who has been empowered by being the teacher and shows enormous patience with me and clarity of thought as he gives me instructions which he finds hard to apply to himself. I now see enormous benefits for many others. Having played around at home, my daughter is now utterly smitten by it and has her own copy and is developing IT skills at a rapid pace, to my delight. 

    Please do all you can to make the Education Edition available to AP and home learning pupils ASAP and I will shout about it from the rooftops. Thank you!

  • Shanyn Silinski

    That is exciting to hear!! 

  • Carly Born

    Or make it downloadable for self-hosting!  We've been trying to make it work with some students at school and some at home, but it's been a nightmare. If we could self-host, that would make it all SOOOO much easier!!


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