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Different domain access to a world for training purposes



  • Andrew L

    Hi there Eric Luckenuik. For people to connect, they need to be on the same domain. This means if they're connecting from their own unique domains they will not be able to join your training. However, if you have access to the admin side of your Office 365 Education account, you could make temporary accounts for these teachers and assign them trial licenses. I hope this helps!

  • Bach Dang Bui

    My daughter is using her school email for her Minecraft Education account. To join her world, I created an admin account and a new user in Minecraft Education for commercial using the instructions from After that I paid for a license and associated to the newly created user.

    I logged in Minecraft Education but can't join her world either using the code or connection ID. I think the reason was that I didn't use my daughter's school email domain name when creating the user. Is there away to make this work?

    Thank you very much,

    Kind regards,

    Bach Bui

  • Ernie Support

    Hey Bach,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to join/host a world with someone outside of your organization. This is a security feature to keep undesirable users out of the classrooms.
    I know this may be disappointing, but it is an effort to keep the students safe and undistracted.
    You can cancel the subscription and receive a refund if you cancel within 30 days.
    If you are wanting to play a multiplayer game with her, you may be interested in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

  • Patricia H

    Hi Ernie

    Is there any way to have this actually mentioned on the Minecraft Education website before purchasing? I am homeschooling my daughter and just bought licenses so she can play with her friends who use their school account, and did not see it mentioned *anywhere* that she cannot do this, or I would not have purchased. I will have to avail myself of the 30 days cancellation that you mentioned for a refund. It is *so* important - especially with more and more people choosing to homeschool - that this be clearly signposted for new users, or the cancellation refunds will become a regular occurrence.

  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there,

    While we do have it listed in the Requirement section of our Multiplayer article -

    How To Set Up A Multiplayer Game – Minecraft Education

    We do appreciate that feedback of listing it on our website and I will pass it along to the team! 

  • Sian MacK

    I agree with Patricia H - I have also just joined and discovered my child can't play with friend's from her previous school. I guessed it was this domain thing, but hoped there was a way parents could verify the connection. It would have been helpful if this was clearer when signing up as my child will now be devastated. Her old friends obviously don't want to run different accounts either.


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