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Student's can't program agent in our clasroom world.



  • Cathy Cheo-Isaacs

    Hi Lukasz Furman! Code Builder does not require World builder to be true in order to work. Which world are you using? Could you include a screenshot of their code?

  • Lukasz Furman

    Hi, i have our MC classes on mondays, next monday i will check if this is still an issue and send you screenshot.
    Thanks for answering.

  • Hi all. Old post I know but can I build on/bump the question? I'm fairy new to this compared with some on here I am sure, but, I am having the same problem. I have an immutable classroom where I want pupils to build code and control their agents. So I can't figure that out and would be grateful for any help.

    The bigger question is, where on earth do you go if you are a teacher and you want to start leaning very specific detail on how to do things like this?  Judging by the response to Lukasz Furman's question, this does not look like the place? I'd like it to be, but there really must be somewhere where users dig-in. I've completed every MEE tutorial I can find on MS sites, but none go anywhere near to this kind of practical detail. 

    Really would appreciate a point in the right direction. I keep getting stuck and can't find the support.

  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey Laurence!

    If you went through some of our resources and still feel like you would like more info, please feel free to reach out to Dani Noble! He may be able to point you in a direction for more in depth agent content :) 

  • Dani Noble
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Thanks, Danny. You beat me to it! 

    Laurence Boulter, I would say this forum really is your first, best port of call to digging deeper into the various elements that make up Minecraft. There's quite a few mentors here monitoring the forum who have specialized in those various elements and can provide help or help you make further connections and direct you to additional resources. 

    Debbie Alexander is my go to for deeper coding related questions, and I would defer to her expertise on that subject. 

    If you're looking for anything of a general nature, redstone, command blocks, or something else entirely, I can certainly help you with a good deal or point you in the direction of the mentors that can. Let me know if you'd like to connect via email and setup a virtual connect. 

  • Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Laurence Boulter - I'd love to keep adding more resources to this Community Hub to assist other coding instructors. We have to stick together. I tried a discord convo, but it doen't have enough critical mass to work at this point. However, I'd love to chat with like-minded folks anytime, and am happy to help when I can.

    I am also active on Twitter.

    Dani Noble knows a lot about Minecraft mechanics that I will never know, and I am rather addicted to coding. We have a number of great moderators here, all of whom have experience and talent to share! So please, create a new question, ask away! Let's adventure forward in coding, because, as far as I can tell, there simply is not a more engaging way to learn coding than with Minecraft.

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Dani Noble And Debbie Alexander
    There is one thing that Laurence Boulter mentioned in their post that we might want to dig into to help out.
    "immutable classroom"
    Does this mean an immutable world?  If so, it might limit what the students and agents are able to do in the world.  I think perhaps the exact details and permissions for the Players and automation (agents) within an immutable world should be discussed and I am guessing that this sort of detail is probably the kind of thing missing from the documentation and tutorials.
    I know I spent hours trying to figure out a way to "make" the students have to use their agents for stuff and not be able to simply do things for themselves in game (think agent survival game), unfortunately that is challenging.  About all I came up with was give the player mining fatigue to keep the player from breaking blocks so they have to make the agent do that for them but I couldn't figure out how to keep the player from farming or building on their own since the game mode and allow/deny blocks affect both the player and the agent.

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Yeah, the interplay between control of the world and letting student code is fishy.

    "Immutable world" is supposed to "Default to OFF: *and you* Turn this on to prevent players from changing the world. When on, only "interacting" blocks like buttons will work." 

    But no matter what setting you set, someone who codes can reset it. (There are some things that are locked down -  certain things are tied to an individual player, and held to that single player's account for privacy concerns.)

  • Laurence Boulter

    Dani Noble Debbie Alexander Danny Aleece Landis 

    Thanks all. Most weeks I tend to not find time for this until later in the week (I'm a DPO where everything is urgent!) , so I do apologise for not getting back sooner - but if I know folk are there (which I do now) I'll try and visit more frequently (like today!)

    Realised that I hadn't fully completed 301 - and have done so now which helped a lot but still struggling with the full picture, but, recognise the need for deny and  border blocks so am working over my world putting them in place.. which effectively means undermining the whole of my build! - So lesson learnt there about planning! Immutable world won't work I know now, if I want pupils to use their agents. Get a feeling that the right world is a blend of other settings.

    I've done something in the settings that is stopping me from placing Bedrock in the world.. Which is a pain as I chose this for the base level of the build... but I will guess I will work it out or replace.. t was a cosmetic choice so I can switch to get the job done if needs be.

    This a part of a larger project for a curriculum resource to support the Coding in Minecraft credential...

    Coding in Minecraft - Coding in Minecraft (

    ... so really would value some feedback later if anyone is up for it.. I'm getting close to a beta and recruited some testers on LinkedIn, but would be great to have some input from here.

    Great to "meet" you. Thank you.


  • Dani Noble
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi Laurence Boulter

    I'd be happy to provide you with feedback and help with some beta testing if you like. Danny could you provide Laurence with my email so he can connect with me? 


  • Debbie Alexander .... just worked out that this doesn't work like a forum does it? 

    "Yeah, the interplay between control of the world and letting student code is fishy."

    How far can you deconstruct the coding tutorials in the library I wonder? I think I need to pull one apart.


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