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need help with fill command code


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  • Cathy Cheo-Isaacs

    Hi Kelvin KUOCH! I have a been obsessing over your code and have a few questions/suggestions:

    1. Where/when do you set pos1c? Is the block above the only place you set and change it? When I recreated your code, pos1c is false when the world starts.

    2. I couldn't get anything to happen when I was mining things (left-clicking) with an axe, but when I placed (right-clicked) with the axe in hand, I spawned a chicken.

    3. Try toggling pos1c between true/false by setting pos1c to not pos1c each item the item is used. I did it with cake in the screenshot below.

    Hope this helps! Keep us posted! I'm going to keep trying too!


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