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Python 101Lesson 1



  • Cathy Cheo-Isaacs

    Hi Karen Stoodley- I discovered the same thing. Your syntax is correct however, the error message appears. I bypassed the error by doing the math and selecting the correct answer in the world. You can show your students that the code does indeed work in a different world, and that this bug happens to exist. You can still proceed through the lesson. Hope this helps!

  • Karen Stoodley

    Thanks, my workaround was going to be online calculator.  I initially tried it on my laptop, the again on my desktop, fails both times, however when I tried it on a student account it worked perfectly!  I often say to students "Computers can be a bit weird and irrational at times".  My husband points out with the millions of bits/switches flicking on and off it only takes one to go wrong and and error comes up.  Real life situations I guess!


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