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Import structure




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    Micah M Community team
    Expert (Gold)

    That's a great request Sofie Lamon! Minecraft: Education is currently based on version 14 of Bedrock, when we update to the latest version of Minecraft (version 16) we will have some improvements to structure blocks that will hopefully make this easier.

  • Vivek Gupta

    Hi, to save a world You need to save and exit, then go down to the last option saying import. Then save it wherever you want.

  • Sofie Lamon

    Well, I don't need the entire world, I just need that one building ;) .

  • Omar Mallouk

    you would need to use a structure block, you can look up how to use it on the Minecraft wiki, I tried to use it myself, but there seemed to be some restrictions unique to my district, so I can't guarantee that it will work. Best of luck to you!

  • Minecraft EDU Official Community manager

    Interesting feature request, Sofie Lamon, thanks for sharing your rationale! cc Micah M

  • Mindaugas Ramanauskis

    Just now tried to use structure block in MEE, seems like I could not switch between modes, it was automatically on export mode and that's it. is this a bug? 
    double-checked on my bedrock edition, and it was working fine there

  • Aleece Landis

    Yea, it seems structure blocks are not completely functional within MEE.  There doesn't seem to be a way to import a structure into a different world.

  • Eric Luckenuik

    Woudl also be interesting in situations where you could want to integrate all the buildings students did in one map all together.

  • Aleece Landis

    I really hope that the structure blocks get full functionality in the next update!

  • Geoffrey QUARTERMAINE 


    I think there's enough chatter about this for it to be updated.  Is it up and running yet?  Or still on the back burner?

    If EDU is based on Bedrock Edition, why can you import in Bedrock Edition but not in EDU Edition?


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