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The Learn to Code Release (version 1.14.50) and Hour of Code Feedback thread



  • Navilan N


    I've been using Minecraft to teach Javascript (Typescript) for my students over the past few months. I've been able to use Minecraft + MakeCode JS not only to teach JS but also Math. 

    I can see the intent behind the latest updates and I appreciate it. Things that we love (so far):

    1. The mouse-hover documentation is wonderful.

    2. The error highlight at the bottom is very nice.

    But, the update overall has been frustrating for me and my students.  Here are my reasons:

    1. `Player.say` - So far we have been able to use this with numbers without any issues. This update has required the parameter to be a string. Forcing me to talk about "toString".  While it is important to teach that, I loved that `player.say` was polymorphic and could be used without cognitive overload. I want to cast a very strong vote to make it polymorphic.

    2. Overall instability: The above error is not definitive, it happens sometimes and goes way sometimes. Overall, there was a general instability and unpredictability when we used the interface yesterday after the update.

    I hope these two issues are addressed soon as we are making tremendous progress in learning JS and we'd like it to be as friction free as possible.

    Thanks again for Minecraft and MakeCode. My students and I have had a blast teaching & learning.




  • Bec Burf

    What do we need to whitelist to enable the coding box to work in this new Hour of Code?

    It works through our filters in the 2019 world but not 2020.

  • Micah M
    Beacon of Knowledge

    Navilan N - Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying some of the new updates in MakeCode!

    For the issues you are encountering:
    1) I've passed that feedback on to the MakeCode team.

    2) Any other details you could provide (like screenshots or what types of instability you were seeing) would be very helpful for us to investigate further.

    Bec Burf - The list of domains that need to be allowed can be found in our Hour of Code 2020 FAQ: The Allow List can also be found at any time in our IT Admin Guide. Most likely the one that is missing if the last update was for HoC 2019 is https://*

  • Elias Junior

    Let's go to the tests!

  • Navilan N

    Micah-M - Thank you. We have the next session scheduled for Monday. Will make screenshots / captures and post here.

  • Luka Popovic

    is there a way to install minecraft education edititon for linux ubuntu


    btw:ubuntu is using a .deb package!

  • Andrew L

    Hi Luka Popovic. Minecraft: Education Edition is available on Windows platforms, Mac OS, iPads, and Chromebooks with ChromeOS. I hope this helps!

  • Kyla Evison

    We are having issues with some of students getting the following Error messahe when trying to access the Hour of Code from the Mine Craft EDU Edition.


    "Something went Wrong

    We're unable to connect to the Library. This can happen if your computer is offline or if access to the Library Catalog is blocked."


    I have most students able to get and know that all requested URLS are open on the school site. Checked that the app was the most current version.


    Any assistance would be great.







  • Flynn JACK

    Thanks a lot I Learned so much

  • Aaliyah Deverton

    This hour of code is super helpful to my students they love to interact with each other and this was the perfect way how



  • minecraft 😭😭


  • William Solis

    I love this game it is teaching my kids a lot

  • Anthony Kabogo

    how can i play this game without downloading it ???  

  • Andrew L

    Hi there Anthony Kabogo. Minecraft: Education Edition requires users to download and install it before it's able to be played. 

  • This is my first day playing and its really fun!

  • Its really educational


  • Hei jeg er fra norge

  • Srinivas M M

    Please give me minecraft

  • Patience Crislip

    My sister can not get Minecraft to downloaded?

  • ender hunter

    Hey I was wondering how to download worlds can you help me pls

  • Duc Tien Nguyen

    I don't understand this


  • i want minecraft


    Kindly explain about this

  • i want to get Minecraft … but how did you get Minecraft ???


  • Zoe & Ivy Ellis

    Will you guys add the Caves & Cliffs update to minecraft education edition when its realesed?

  • i want minecraft ed


  • Serife Takmaz

    Hello, I am doing a project with my gifted students on the eTwinning platform. I started a stem training project with Minecraft. Would you like to join us?

  • The Luminator

    When should we expect the 1.16.2 update to come, or the 1.17? I feel like my students will progress from learing about how animals live, how trading works, and other habitats.


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