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    Bonding with Foxes


    Being able to bond with foxes.

    I think that would be very cool!

  • Make TNT able to move Obsidian/Bedrock


    "Basics is I wanted to have my classes build rockets in Minecraft (since my school is distance learning and we can't build actual rockets).  Knowing TNT cannot destroy Obsidian or Bedrock I was hoping I could have them make a rocket shape out of one of those blocks, and then fill the inside with TNT to act as the propulsion/fuel source and be able to launch it up into the sky.

    If there is a way to build an actual rocket they can "launch" in Minecraft I'd love to know it.  From what I could find was just building the shape, or using pistons/slime blocks to get something that's not really a rocket."


    Fun idea! Bryan Sanders (archived) Chris Fuge know anything around this?

  • updates


    Bears regular birds

    Actual furniture with cool designs 

    round logs

    cars that you could drive 

    Higher block limit 

    Be able to build on clouds



  • Math and other lessons on Minecraft EE

    We can add some interesting blocks and marks. Mathematics: 1. We can add a block calculator. It will solve mathematical problem with +,-,*,:. 2. We can add a block which will show graphics. 3. We can add there Microsoft forms. 4. We can add thing witch will show mathematical formulas. Physics: it like math but for physics. Art: We can add a tassel for painting General: We can add school forms for students and marks by percent.
  • pet's on map's

    Renn Wong
    1 day ago
    I wish pets would show up on the map like players do and you can see there nametag's.

  • i have an idea to create your own custom minecraft blocks, mobs and replace everything with custom trees, blocks, mobs

    Michael Alishak
    9 days ago
    so you could make a block where you can design your own block and code it to make it do things also for mobs you can make a mob creator so you can model it color it and code it also for replacing everything with it you can make a special tutorial that requires you to make new mob, trees and blocks then you can replace it with your own stuff please do this that would be amazing or even make it where you can create your own Minecraft game!


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    Omar Mallouk
    5 days ago
    It could be possible with the coding agent depending on whether or not you can import files with the code. you would just need to learn one of the non 'click-n-drag' programing language

  • There should let us make better weapons like a water sword or a lava sword

    Joseph Davis @...
    I am adding your content heres there are other folks asking for this. 

    The creators could update it better for us so we can have more fun with new weapons


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