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Hosting Games for Remote Learning



  • Kyle M

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for posting. My initial guess would be that port forwarding is not setup for 19132 on the host network or there is some sort of filter/firewall restriction preventing connection. I would also suggest trying to connect using the IP address and see if that helps.


  • Denise Zemko

    Following this thread as I am having the same issue.  All my kids distance learning who live closer and have faster internet speeds can get in either using a join code or the IP address.  I have two that live in the foothills and use Digital Path internet and they can never join the game or cannot have others join them.  However, they can join each other's worlds they're brothers in the same house.  It's been frustrating, any help would be appreciated. 


    Following as well. We are full virtual right now and the inability to host a game over the Internet is preventing us from using Minecraft. 


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