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Minecraft Certified Teacher Academy Session 1 Reflection



  • Mike Call

    I loved reviewing the difference between gamification and game-based-learning.

  • Neal Anderson

    1.  That students can engage and use this for a full lesson and not just a reward.  So many opportunities in all content.

    2.  None at this time.

  • Anita Lee

    Biggest takeaway for me today is the fact that Minecraft can be educational. :)

    No question, I just don't want to get motionsickness playing Minecraft even if I switch the no bobble character to off.

    1. Loved meeting new people and being a part of this cohort!
    2. None :) Love how comprehensive it is!
  • Keith Hauser

    Game based learning using minecraft.  


    Classroom management with minecraft. 




  • Mia Bowles

    My biggest takeaway was refreshing my memory on the difference between gamification and game-based learning.

    I have a lot of questions about the coding portion of the course, but we'll get there! =)

  • Janet Marotte

    1. Minecraft is so applicable to anything we are teaching in the curriculum!

    2. How do you navigate worlds (yes, I'm illiterate :))

  • Linda Gardone

    It will be wonderful for a group project and with students on different learning levels.

  • Pam Mcmorris

    Excited to learn about Minecraft. My students beg for it.

  • Daniel Phelps

    1. Loved the teams breakout for creating groups within minecraft build projects


    2. Can I use building tools like I can in java?

  • John Figura

    Ideas for game based learning!


    Ways to do assessment and show learning!

  • Katelynn Dallman

    1. Biggest takeaway was the difference between game-based teaching and learning and gamification!

    2. No questions but I feel like I have a lot of exploring to do! First time minecrafter here!

  • My biggest take away is how this can be used to introduce a standard with the whole class and not just use this as a reward!

  • Leah Mcmahan

    My biggest takeaway was that Minecraft is perfect to use in the library as we support ALL curriculum! 

    Question: None yet, but I am sure they are coming! :) 


    My biggest takeaway was the potential that Minecraft has in the content areas.

  • Natalia Toledo

    I understood the difference between gamification and game-based-learning! Thanks for clarifying that! 

  • Kim Bass

    My biggest take away was seeing so many educators participating in a PD for MinecraftEDU. I have been using it for the past 6 years and I'm having to upgrade to the newer version. This is just so thrilling to see so many more educators joining this amazing community.

  • Learned the difference between gaming and gamification. I'm blown away by the lesson planning and engagement in the video we watched about natural light.  I want to be one of those type of teachers!  

  • Stephanie Beckles

    My biggest takeaway was discovering the difference between Game Based Learning and Gamification.  I don't think most teachers understand that, so they think Minecraft is just playing games and wasting time.

  • Raymond Hipwell

    I was surprised at how quickly I found myself envisioning how I could implement Minecraft into so many of my lessons. I loved the Empathy aspect and the Failure Dynamic. I also appreciated the brief discussion on being able to explain why game-based learning is a benefit.

    I'm confident that I will gather plenty of questions the more I learn.

  • Nina Zibert

    Thanks for the great session. My biggest takeaway was how useful and diverse M:EE is, especially in these times. I'm really excited to learn more about engineering and using redstone.

  • Kathleen Receveur

    I loved learning about the differences in Games based learning and gamification a well as new ideas for my Minecraft club!

  • Mark Henkels

    I loved this session! 

    I think my biggest takeaway was the refresher on the difference between gamification and game-based learning.  Great reminder.

  • Rebekah Ferguson

    My biggest take away was how much content delivery can be delivered through MineCraft!

    The question I have is about the steps to set up student accounts. Also, can students/teachers interact in a world together?

  • Cindy Hundley

    After the first module, I learned the difference between game-based learning and gamification, which is helpful and something I can share with the teachers in my building. I also feel like there is an endless supply of learning opportunities with Minecraft which is great for me as the school's library media specialist/tech teacher. 

    At this time, I don't have any questions, but I look forward to learning more over the next few weeks. :). Thanks!! :)

  • Darbi Harris

    My biggest takeaway is all of the opportunities for learning for science and social studies. I have seen how much engagement the students have with minecraft.

    Will we learn how to code, or what is the limit to our learning in this course?

  • Taylor Cotton

    Remembering that we need to establish routines for Minecraft, just like the physical classroom! :)

  • Sean Ward

    I loved the format of this course and the potential for building a community of learners.

    Good refresher of difference between game-based learning and gamification.

    No questions yet - looking forward to next week!



    I'm already feeling more comfortable with using Minecraft with my students thanks to the support of this group!  I teach an elementary STEM program, and the philosophy behind game-based learning is definitely inline with our approach to teaching students.  Still have lots and lots of much more to learn.

  • Benjamin TREASURE

    Using the breakout rooms, was good fun!


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