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Minecraft Certified Teacher Academy Session 1 Reflection



  • Leigh Anteola

    Minecraft in the classroom has so many benefits for learning and  the students will be excited to use it. I have tons of questions, but I think they will be answered as I progress on my Minecraft journey. 

  • Krynica Drake

    1. Biggest takeaway from today was a refresher for getting started with Minecraft! It truly was a fun experience!

    2. No questions as of yet but I look forward to next week!!

  • Gavino Morales

    I am excited to learn and get started 

  • Michelle Fields

    Reviewing the difference between gamification and game-based-learning.

  • Talya Laufer

    Minecraft can be used for everything and anything!

    I know a little about building but not about automation and using agents/coding. I really want to try @BBKelly SDG Shuffle Cards but I want to make sure I know how to have students create systems and things like that. 

  • Kim Hayle

    That it is ok for students to explore with little direction.


    Thanks for this opportunity to connect!

    A big takeaway was seeing the lesson with some primary students. I have only used MEE with third grade and up - maybe after this I'll be ready to try with 1st and 2nd graders!

  • Carrie Whittaker

    1. What was you biggest takeaway today? Great refresher of the face-to-face Minecraft training with NCCE.

    2. What questions do you have? How does this compare to the "older course"?


    It was great to learn the 6 principles of Game Based Learning.

  • Jill Swensen

    My biggest takeaway was that engagement + failure = learning!


    I learned that Minecraft can be used to encourage and teach empathy. Thanks! Can't wait to get started.

  • Gene Yang

    1. Biggest take away is seeing how much of an impact a gaming platform can be used as a catalyst to do so many things to prepare students for the future. 


    2. Possible that in the future we can download builds into 3D object files for 3d printing or using it for other multi-media projects?  

  • Latrice Green

    I am a hunker down person,  I will complete it in one setting. Big takeaway is obtaining ideas on Math across math levels.

  • 1) Failure is encouraged

    2) So many questions, I'll wait until next week.

  • Ricardo Doylet

    I didn't get to the breakrooms... I didn't even find the Team, but I'll figure it out. Minecraft is a great opportunity to engage students 

  • Santiago Ceja

    Game based learning using Minecraft.

  • Talia Rich

    1. What was you biggest takeaway today?

         How many awesome teachers are also learning to use this great program!

    2. What questions do you have?

         Nothing specific right now, so much still to learn! 

  • Heather Dougherty

    My big takeaway was "WOW! Just the ideas I can do to engage students!"

    I know nothing about how to play.  My 6yo twins and wife play, as well as my students.  

  • Jessica Weaver

    1. It looks like I can have all of my students on a server at the same time. When I used it last each student populated their own world. I'm looking forward to finding out how to put them all together.

    2. None at this time.

  • Dean Vendramin

    1. The great community and really reinforced a lot concepts I knew and have more ideas in my head.

    2.  Wondering in Minecraft Edu will ever be able to connect with people outside division / district so you can build with people from around the world.

  • Tonya Mills


    I'm glad I found out that the course work for the meetings is the same found in the online class!!  

    And I'm looking forward to learning more on managing in order to create an after school club for our schools!

  • Dana Hobby

    My biggest take away is that there are endless possibilities with Minecraft. 

  • Robert Thomson

    Just getting started with Minecraft in the Classroom. Looking forward to the adventure.

  • Theta Krehbiel

    My biggest takeaway was all the ways it can be used to promote future ready skills. 


    My one concern is how to get admin on board with it. To them it is just a game. I mentioned it today and I got shot down by one. It was discouraging

  • Maryellen Marx

    Biggest takeaway: game-based vs. gamification

    Questions: None for today. Thanks so much for an awesome hour of learning and collaboration.

  • Ms K K

    1.)  As a TL I love the idea of partnering with so many different classes, grades and subjects! 


    2.) I do have questions about using Chromebooks with Minecraft - this will likely be the reality at our school

  • Christian Kuepper

    1. Just a review since email directed us to begin the learning path prior to the session. 

    2. No questions at this time!

  • Tobin Traxler

    Trying to determine ways to incorporate current curriculum with Minecraft! 

    No questions yet!


    Thanks for an amazing 1st session!

  • Patricia Hassan

    Super Excited to learn about the idea of pre-teaching skills or introducing skills with Minecraft!  Right now I don't have any questions.

  • Kelly Key

    My biggest takeaway is thinking this is going to be easier to incorporate in my classroom than I thought it was going to be.  


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