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Server Issue



  • Official comment

    Eric Nedow

    Thanks for reaching out to us and thanks for being one of our educators! Currently Minecraft: Education Edition does not support server type scenarios. If you are wanting to have you students load a world you have created you can export your world as a file then send it to them through whichever means you sends students files.


  • Victor Rajewski

    When you say server, do you mean your world which you are hosting (It's not quite a server in the normal sense of a Minecraft server, but it's pretty close)? In that case, your scenario is in theory possible, but will be tricky. If you're hosting from inside the school, then your school network will need to be configured to forward incoming port 19132 (TCP & UDP) from the internet to your machine. Your school's IT dept will be able to advise if this is possible or not. If not, you could try setting up the host machine at home (or elsewhere on the internet; you could theoretically run it on a remote server/VM or something, and remote in to that), and connect to it from school. This might also require setting up port forwarding as above, but is usually easier on a home network than a school one. Once set up at home, you'd connect to it from school. It's technical and would need some testing to see if it would work. Good luck!


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