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The Learn to Code Beta (version 1.14.4) Feedback thread



  • Kyle M

    Little quiet in here, but that's ok! Feel free to chime in if anything comes up :)

  • Diego Javana

    I like it when you get to work on it 

  • Emma Wingreen

    Hi there! I'm currently teaching Minecraft Education Edition as an after school club and my students love it.

    I want to give feedback about the character options (skins?). Most of my students are Black and/or Latino and there is a very limited selection of characters who look like them. There are a few non-white characters in most of the skin packs but a few, including "Town Folk" and "City Folk", are all white. Characters like the judge, lawyer, pilot, and scientist are only available in the lightest skin tone. I'm wondering what message this sends to my students and other Minecraft players.

    I want my students to be able to play Minecraft as any character they want and specifically one that looks like them. I am educating a diverse group of students to be the next generation of computer programmers and I'm hoping Minecraft can get on board. Feel free to contact me directly at if you want to discuss further. Thanks!

  • Dustin Johnson

    when can you guys update the game I have been on every day for a year and the nether is the same you guys could put new stuff in like armour ,weapons ,mobs 

  • Dustin Johnson

    i'm a student and im 14

  • jael franco

    Hey, I play minecraft education edition a lot. I have a huge favor to ask, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD SWIPE ATTACK , PLEASE DO

  • Chloe Hodges

    Hello! Its good to talk here but i have some questions about Agent and the NPC's. My students are opening up their code builder and when they exit out they find Agent there, and they can't get rid of him. One of my students also tried putting down an NPC but the same thing happened they couldn't get rid of it. Thank you for listening.

  • Ezekiel Mitchell


  • Boyfriend FNF

    Poyo ( hello Minecraft)


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