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Is it possible to import a picture into M:EE?



  • Official comment

    Matheus Alencar De Melo

    Thanks for reaching out and that it a really great use of the game client! Minecraft: Education Edition does not officially support custom skins, textures, mods, etc. As such you cannot officially import your own pictures into the game, I am definitely going to bring this to the developers as this is an amazing way to use the game. 

  • AdamS

    I see. A shame we won't be able to use this idea right now, but thank you for the quick reply and for taking this up with the developers. Hopefully this can be turned into a feature soon.

    Have a good day.

  • Nial Pickering

    I was going to ask the same question and really hope there has been some movement on this in the last 5 months!

  • Justin Steen

    Has there been any update to this forum? We are creating civilizations in Minecraft EE and I would like for the students to be able to create their banners and flags and have them represent their established cities. 

  • Brian Weiss


    I found this thread looking for the same idea to share my students work. This would be amazing along with a structure block upgrade so we can clone and transfer builds between worlds to set up a virtual gallery of student creations.  I noticed you said "officially there is no way to do this." Any unofficial suggestions until these features may be added? Thank you! 

  • Emily Fintelman

    Just want to voice my support for this idea. Adding students' own designs to frames would be a game changer! 

  • Jodie Heap

    Hi, I would also like to import photos to use in my digital library to show the resources available to students.

  • John Miller

    I have had success using the Image Map app, currently version 3, for Windows. It will convert image files into map segments that can then be posted onto one or more item frames. Check YouTube for video tutorials. You will need to locate your (hidden) saved world files. Good community article here.

  • Gordana Sokol

    John Miller 

    Can you help us with instructions on how to do this in M:EE? I would love to use my pictures in the Minecraft world.
  • Thomas Ryland

    John Miller Hi John, I have used Image Map for Bedrock edition but it only gives you the option of Java or Bedrock world save folders. How did you make it work? When I select the MEE world folders as the target for upload it gives me an error;

    "Error opening that world: ExcepTion: invalid argument: C:/ Users..... does not exist (create_if_missing is false).

    How did you get around this? Would love to make this work in EE.

  • John Miller

    Sorry for the tardy reply, spring break and assessment week!  

    I select Bedrock World and then selected the saves folder for EE:

    AppData>Roaming>Minecraft Education Edition>games>com.mojang>minecraftWorlds

    The Image map app had no trouble identifying the worlds found in that folder for me. Once open, drag the image file into the window and convert into maps. It does not recognize PNG files.

  • This video may help.


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