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My game is laggy



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    T Quiroz

    Thanks for reaching out to us this morning. Minecraft uses a lot more resources that you might think, even high end devices can have issues. I would recommend going into your game's video settings and turn of particles and anti-aliasing, then reduce your "chunk" meter. You can also toggle off beautiful sky. Usually all of this will help. I would also recommend that you have no other program on the computer open at the same time because this can cause severe lag as well. 

  • Rebekah Hitchcock

    Hi, I have tried to do thease and they have not helped my game lag. I've gone to my schools IT man and he couldnt help i was wondering if there was somthing wrong with my computer or the game? It;s Impossible to play and do my school work.


  • SUS Crewmate

    When I a new world the game 1/2 a screen it doesn't show me anything only black screen..
    However, when I start a new world the screen is going black, every second it goes like 10 times a second (or even more),
    It only started today
    I even try to reset the computer

    Please reply fast.

    Thank you

  • Dan Noble

    Hi Mohammed, 

    What kind of device are you playing on (Mac, ipad, Chromebook, PC)? 

    Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the game (make sure you export your worlds first!)

  • SUS Crewmate



  • SUS Crewmate

    Yes I try, still the game is lagging

  • Death_knight0727

    So i'm having the same problems except that when it flickers it flickers to the page or place I was about 8 seconds ago and it is flickering to anything like Minecraft - my search engine. Oh and also i'm on a Chromebook to.

  • Death_knight0727

    I think its something wrong with the Chromebooks.

  • Death_knight0727

    Oh and another thing, just to confirm what SUS crewmate said I try'd restarting my Chromebook and it still did not work.

  • gabe wall

    hi, i was playing minecraft edu on a dell (laptop) and i was screen recording but it was really laggy, i even turned off the screen recorder and uninstalled it but it still was really laggy, and i believe the world only takes up inbetween 10MB and 20MB.

    thank you.

  • Dani Noble
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi gabe wall

    10 to 20 MB is pretty large for a minecraft edu world and could certainly cause some performance issues if you don't have enough system resources. 

    What we need to figure out is what the bottleneck on your system is. What is your processor, ram, and are you running a graphics card? 

    Rebooting and clearing temps files, system cache etc might help in this case too. 


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