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    Georgia Manning

    Thank you for reaching out and your feedback on skins for the game. Currently the game does not officially support custom skins or mods but the development team is always looking for ways to add more features to the game. If we update this ability we will definitely post it on the official website!

  • Danny Mendez

    Is it illegal to import custom skins in minecraft education edition??? because there are ways to do it.....

  • Travis Simonsen

    I would like to know this as well, I as of recent am messing with files to make a Among Us parody for my family as we have like 6 of us with Minecraft education, and only 3 of us have phones. So custom skins would be nice to know if those are allowed, as i have figured out how to add the skins via changing skin files in the skin packs given to us. Of course these would not be inappropriate skins,. just skins based off the among us characters. 

  • iwannagoviraal beal

    yo who wanna play mincraft with me


  • Me


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