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Multiplayer Reflection: Lesson Planning



  • Official comment

    Awesome Mike Call! So glad to get to play with you. Let us know how it goes. And great Sarah Elliott can't wait to see how it goes in your new job. Good luck!!

  • Mike Call

    So grateful for the help this week. Looking forward to taking my minecraft/teaching to the next level. I have a couple hundred students. I'm excited to use esports and having my students work on collaborative builds using design thinking. I will be assessing with the camera and book and quill tools.

  • Sarah Elliott

    That was an amazing week! I'm starting a new job as Minecraft teacher with an after school learning centre shortly, and I think one of the first multiplayer lessons we might do is Bee Creative. I may have up to 10 students in my class, and since we're all working from home, I'll be hosting now that I know how to do port forwarding!  The objective will be to both apply some knowledge that we learned about pollinators, and to try to put something personal into or around the gardens to help get to know each other a little better.

    The best thing about teaching an after school program is that I don't HAVE to do assessment, but I think we'll use the book and quill to document each week's work and upload the students' notebook .pdfs in a group OneNote Notebook.

  • Ibrahim Latheef

    Thanks thanks to Stephen Reid and Wendy
    I would try the eSports words with all of my students, 29 each round total of 250. Due to the portforwarding difficulties, I will be hosting. I would like the students to learn leadership, social regulations in virtual environment, team work, digital citizenship, also, research skills and how they can apply real-world knowledge and experience and translate them into MC World. I will record the session to help me assess. I will go around and watch them build, how they communicate and their final build. The recorded video can be then analyze as well. Also, chat with students to check their understanding. 

  • Karen Hanson

    Multiplayer week was really transformational for me.  I used multiplayer last year at school in math, but when we went remote in the spring, I just couldn't seem to make work, even following all the helpful tips that are available her on the forum and in the support documents.  But having Stephen walk through the process allowed me to understand it a bit more so I was able to make sense of the problem I was having and figure out a solution.  By the end of the week, I was able to have 5 students join me in a world.  I had given up on multiplayer for this year, but now we are back on!  

    I teach at a Catholic public school, and I have been trying to work on ways to bring the students faith into the gaming world. In our grade 6 Religion program, we look at where we see the Creator in our lives.  I am hoping to have the kids create a collaborative world that showcases where they see God in creation, an how it inspires their creations in their digital world.  There will be about 20-25 kids involved in the build (I have 28 students but some don't have devices that run MEE). For assessment, I will be creating a communication rubric that challenges the kids to think about how to clearly communicate their creations and thought process.  Flipgrid may be our tool for this part!  I can't wait to see where they take the project.  

    But on top of that, I hope to use Minecraft in my Social Studies program too.  We work on how we make decisions democratically and look at organizational structures that help us make decisions that way, so I can see tremendous opportunity here as well.  I just want to wait a bit on this one in the hopes that I can get all of my students involved.

    I have really appreciated this week of multiplayer and the whole remote learning month.  It has re-engaged my excitement using MInecraft in the classroom.  I can't wait to try out all the strategies that we shared this month.  Thank-you to everyone who contributed to this great learning experience! 


  • Vasilios Varvarigos

    Excited to participate in Multiplayer week! Next Wednesday, I am starting a series of STREAM online courses with selected students. In a common world, we will try to play together and recreate some important events of Greek history. For example, for the occasion of 2500 years since the battle of Thermopylae, we will use geography, mathematics, history, and more to revive history.


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