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Add More dogs/more dog breeds and a /tempban and /ban command



  • Official comment

    Definitely some really good ideas. To answer the first question, we are based off the Bedrock version of the game's code so they would have to implement new mobs into the game first before we did, but its a great idea!

    While we don't have a ban yet, something you can try is to use the border blocks to create a "jail". You can then teleport that user to those coordinates and they will not be able to get out unless they log out or you stop hosting the multiplayer game! You could make it extra fun by spawning zombies in it too!

  • Milo Wearn

    Actually... a /ban command would be good! Sometimes students send class codes to others who shouldnt have them. 

  • Victor Rajewski

    You could create your own different dog breeds by make a resource and/or behaviour pack (resource pack is the look, and behaviour is the action; usually you'd use both). It's not a particularly straight-forward process, but there's some documentation here:

  • AdamS

    Victor Rajewski

    Definitely an option for the Bedrock/Java versions of the game. However, Minecraft: Education Edition does not officially support, skins, mods, texture or add-on packs currently. 

  • Victor Rajewski

    Interesting, since there's add-on sections in the settings. and I can successfully import addon and resource/behaviour packs (at least on EE on Windows)


    Edit: addons also seem to work on Chromebooks.

    Also, you can set players to 'Visitor' mode in the host settings screen - that means they can't change things in the world. Not quite banning, but pretty close.


  • And I think they should remake the dogs


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