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I can't find the log data file..



  • Official comment


    Sorry about the confusion with this. There is no official way to track student logs in the game itself. This was because of complying with various children's online privacy acts. There may be 3rd party solutions to this but Minecraft: Education Edition does not officially support that type of feature. 

  • Stephen Reid


    I have never used the game logs before, but as standard, your logs should be stored in the 'Logs' folder in the main install directory on each device. M:EE operates and reports locally to the device it is installed on.

    Here is the file path example of where my files are installed, including the 'Logs' folder:
    C:\Users\steph\AppData\Roaming\Minecraft Education Edition

    Kindest regards, and good luck in your research. 


  • hanbj930

    Yes, I already checked, but the log folder is empty. No files were created in the log folder. It's really embarrassing.

  • Jack Kelly

    Yeah, uh follow up. I am trying to install mods but it wont work. Help?


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