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History Classes for Elementary/ Middle school



  • David Richard

    So I am mostly finished with the project now.  Will update some pics of it later on.  Here is a jist of it though.


    Lesson 1 —-> Research basic facts about the Silk Road.  I had kids make their own 5w questions about the Silk Road and then taught them where to find the answers.  After this we had a discussion on where the Silk Road began in China and then looked at example of buildings.  Students were able to recreate a basic outpost to begin the journey.  I was able to make my own character MC pack. Which included Chinese traders, lions, tigers, and camels, and building blocks to make a more Chinese feel to the buildings.  (I will post pics and if anyone wants the mcpack let me know.  Very easy to make and import into MCEE.


    Lesson 2 —> Research the routes taken on the Silk Road.  Students again had to make their own 5w questions about the different routes taken as a group.  We then discussed the pro’s and con’s of each route on the Silk Road.  Once decided I had secondary sources that students read that discussed the journey of the traders.  We read about what the main worry was for these traders (Tigers and lions and other animals who would kill those who went alone or not armed) Students loaded up the supplies they would trade (Silk, and other items) and then we set off.    **Minecraft I designed a course similar to the Oregon Trail that would spawn lions, tigers, hyenas, random arrow fire when students passed over the command block.  These mimicked what happened in the story we read.  



    Lesson 3 —-> (Currently doing this week) Students research what Rome had to sell and what they wanted to buy from the Silk Road using 5w questions.  After this we went into the Roman outpost and first built a Chinese trading post within the Roman Outpost so we could trade our goods.  (MCpack of Roman legionaries and Roman goods) 


    Lesson 4 —-> Return back to China.  And documenting all the information they learned using quill book.  Afterwards making a presentation as a group and recording using Billibilli (Chinese YouTube)   

  • David Richard

    Bryan Sanders (archived). Not sure why next to my name it is saying Pending app


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