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    Thanks so much John Wagner! Micah-M check this out!

  • John Wagner


    I have 25 students working through these lessons right now.

    I like the structure; they build incrementally, and the kids seem to like the activities.

    I'd like to see SVG or PNG files of the code blocks made available so I can make my own supplemental materials (i.e. activities and assessments).

    I'm also trying to figure out a way to better assess and keep track of student work with these lessons.

  • John Wagner

    One bit of feedback I've received from students is they would like the ending of the lessons to be a little more celebratory than "Lesson Complete". Maybe adding an "open code" area after completing the lesson with the blocks from the lesson would be a nice addition?

  • Micah M
    Beacon of Knowledge

    Thanks for the feedback John Wagner! Those are great suggestions. I'll pass along the feedback to the world creator on more celebration. I'm not aware of any pre-created pictures of the blocks, but I'll check with the content team to and see if that's something that could be done in the future.

  • John Wagner

    Micah-M - we've noticed a glitch/bug in Block 2/Lesson 2 - after collecting the blue ice (second task), the player is supposed to move the blue ice from the agent to the digitizer. 

    Unfortunately the agent isn't found in the level.

    Exiting the map and reloading seems to bring the agent back.

    In a later challenge on the same lesson, the agent collects iron ore. After being transported back to digitize the iron ore, the agent is missing.

    Once again exiting and reloading brings the agent back... unfortunately the agent doesn't have the iron ore in its inventory and continuing the lesson is no longer possible.


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