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    Ahmed-Amine Sadouk

    As the Bedrock/Java teams roll out exciting new features in Minecraft, our team needs some time to look over and understand how we can implement these new features in Minecraft: Education Edition. Our version of the game has unique features for use in the classroom and our team works to make sure any new features will be compatible with them. As such our version of Minecraft is typically about one update cycle behind the Bedrock/Java versions. When we have information on our next update we will be posting it on our official website!

    World edit is typically a mod and Minecraft: Education Edition does not support mods as this version of the game is designed for educators in a classroom environment. You can always go into creative and have fun changing the terrain as you want!

  • laserninja 26

    i think the next update might be the...1.16 or 1.17 because I defenently know what the next update for (reg) minecraft's the....1.17 update!


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