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Minecraft Education Edition in Preschool children



  • Diego Forero

    Thanks for ask Bryan. So far it has been great, the kids log in once a week from home, so some log in from laptops and others from tablets. At first it was difficult as the children learned the basics of the game, which took about two months, but after they learned things like how to use the keyboard to move, build and destroy and how to enter the game and move, the process was much more fluid and enriching.

    Currently they have already made many constructions giving flight to their creativity and we have created worlds where the main interest has been caring for the environment and nature, organizing recycling days and rescuing animals from hunters.

    We will continue to create worlds aimed at learning about our planet so that they can continue developing their skills and learning with Minecraft Education Edition.

    If you have more stories, thank you for sharing them.

  • Merry Hofmeister Community moderator

    Diego Forero - I love hearing this! I have a few preschool classes that have been using Minecraft to create animal reconstructions in M:EE - and another that is having students build things that start with different letters - like a Minecraft ABC book. 


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