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QR code Block



  • Andy Knueven

    I've been impressed with your QR codes Neil but the time to create them exactly must be intense. Having a bridge between the two platforms would be awesome for the ability to scan with Flipgrid AR and have a Screen Recording or explanation of student voice be there of their build or understanding navigating through. I envision it as like a dialog box that could appear with the QR but is created by importing the Flipgrid share link just like we would for a NPC to share a link. However, in this case, it's an image being shown.

  • Neil Selby

    Thanks Andy.

    You're right ... Building a QR code in a Minecraft world is a fairly painstaking process and I suppose that it just takes 1 black block to be where a white block should be (or vice versa) for the QR code to not then function as intended. Your idea is sound but it would still require the player to click to open up the dialog box before then being able to scan the QR code. I am told that it is possible to somehow have the QR code as a painting that you can place directly into a Minecraft world however, I haven't worked out how to do that just yet. And apart from anything else I just love the idea of being able to place a QR code Block. When you think of the specific assessment tools currently available in M:EE (Book & Quill, Camera, Portfolio, etc) I think that a QR code Block has the potential to be right up there with them.


  • Andy Knueven

    Neil, absolutely agree about being able to import out own picture in frames. This may be a combined focus on this feature request. I would love to import single 1x1 pictures but have the ability to import images of other perfect squares to have as better visuals for worlds I would build for my students. Just like the current "Build with Bees" world, their images are amazing to have as learning references. This would be a perfect dual use to have personal pictures to import which QR codes can easily be done as an image. Thanks! 

  • David Grey-Noble

    That's is a great idea. It would fantastic to be able to put a QR code block in and then link it to external content and open a browser. Great idea! 



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