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Full Structure Block Support



  • Official comment

    Hello Brandon Sperger

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know that you are allowed to export structures to use in other programs but cannot import them back in the game. The team is always trying to find ways that will help out our educators. This is a fantastic one and I will make sure that I get this to the development team! 

  • AdamS

    Something I found as I was exploring options for you and the other educators who have been requesting this is a work around that I posted in the main thread of this topic:

    (this is what I posted) We definitely know that this is a feature that would really help out all of our educators. The dev team is aware and we will update this thread and the site if there are any changes coming up. One of the work arounds that we have found for the moment is to utilize MakeCode. You can go into MakeCode for Minecraft and code block structures in it (this would be a really great exercise and lesson for the class) then you can export the code, share it, then import it back into M:EE:

  • Brandon Sperger

    Thank you for your response.  I am glad to know that it will be worked on!  I have found a way to simplify things with MakeCode, but structure blocks would allow me to invest in a better design and layout for my lessons.   Thanks for bringing this to developer's attention, and thank you and them for your hard work in bringing this experience to our classrooms!

  • Brandon Sperger

    I roughly know when the java edition rolls out new releases.  How soon can we expect a new release for Education edition?  And when is slated to be on it?  Will this be there or the next update after?

  • AdamS

    Brandon Sperger

    Minecraft: Education Edition typically runs about one year behind the current releases of the Java/Bedrock versions of Minecraft. 

  • Lars Johannsen

    Any news on this? Pretty straight forward addition since it´s already part of bedrock? It would such a great addition!

    Right now my students are generating structures with python and share their code/structures this way. Though it´s a great learning experience it doesnt cover the more creative and beautiful designs they also make through traditional block placing.

    Please add full structure import/export soon


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