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iOS Failed to import level



  • Official comment

    Hello David Richard

    There is a known issue right now with iPad not being able to connect to the library which could be causing this to happen as well. The only work around the team has found for the moment is to factory reset the device:

    If you are able to connect to the library at all let me know before trying the steps above and we can open up a tech support ticket to assist further.

  • CC Koh

    I have encountered this issue too.

    After Updating my Minecraft Edu, It is not able to import .mcworld file from the website.

    Please help!

    Windows 10 Laptop do not have this issue!




  • AdamS

    CC Koh

    Thanks for reaching out. If you look at my answer from before this is unfortunately a known issue with iPads currently. The only work around we have found is to factory reset the iPad. Keep an eye on the page I linked above for any updates on the issue. 

  • Chris Frisbie

    I have found this workaround with my students:  

  • AdamS

    Chris Frisbie

    That's really amazing! Thank you so much for helping out your fellow educators! This is why we have an awesome Community here and I will be letting the team know what you found!

  • David Richard

    Chris Frisbie. Thank your students for me.  That worked for me

  • Tessa Smith

    Thank you so much! 

  • Storee Denson

    After I updated my windows 10 I was trying to import the Rebuild Notre Dame world but it say that "Level Import Failed".

  • Max Hopwood

    Thanks, Everyone inc. Chris Frisbie  - Even quicker is actually to download the world from your school VLE directly into that folder on the iPad - Minecraft/ Education Edition.

    They then seem to launch reliably each time :)

    This was puzzling me for some time so I really appreciate this forum to solve issues.

  • Estrella Esquivel

    um so hi it won't let me import any type of mod I want on my Chromebook and it keeps on saying import failed so can you plz help me and ty


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