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Announcing the New Community Hub + Introductions



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    Minecraft EDU Official Community manager

    What great introductions! The Minecraft EDU Team has randomly selected a daily winner of our sweet Agent plushie!

    The winner today is Sarah Elliott- email to claim your prize! We'll be picking random winners until August 31st from anyone who's replied to this thread. Keep 'em coming!

  • Dave Bettinger

    Hi Wendy, I'm Dave Bettinger. I'm a Technology teacher at Challenger Middle School in Colorado Springs and am using M:EE in both my 6th and 8th grade coding classes this fall. Last March, when we all transitioned to online learning, I successfully hosted a Minecraft world from my home and was able to have all my class members participate each day through the end of that quarter. This year I'll be attempting to have a hybrid of students in the classroom playing simultaneously with students who are joining in from their homes. The challenge there will be how to give the external students access to the same world as the students in school are using. Our district doesn't seem keen on opening up Port 19132 for me. They suggest a cloud-based server for the class. Your thoughts? Thanks for streamlining this community blog. Looks great! Dave

  • Charity Nix

    Hello Wendy and All!  My name is Charity Nix.  I am a Professional Learning Specialist with NCCE and former K12 educator.  I have been in education for 20+ years.  I am not a gamer, however I am a Minecraft Global Mentor and huge advocate! I have had the honor of working with many educators around the globe to integrate Minecraft Education Edition into their classrooms, both face to face and virtual.  You might say I am a Minecraft junkie now.  My Twitter handle is @butterflynix

  • Kirsteen Steven

    Hello I'm Kirsteen Steven a Support for Learning Teacher in West Lothian, Scotland. I have learned loads from Stephen Reid and his masterclasses over the summer and would love to get this into classrooms in my school this year. I believe it to be such a powerful medium for children to be able to demonstrate their learning; an environment they are in control of and are comfortable in.

  • Michelle Thorpe

    Hello, everyone!  I am starting my 26th year as a teacher in Milton, Florida. I am the instructor for both the Advanced Manufacturing and Game Design Academies at Milton High School.  I incorporate MEE into both of these programs.  I absolutely love the versatility of MEE!  For example, with my advanced manufacturing students, I challenged them to use MEE to create scenarios with different types of fires and explain what type of extinguishers must be used for each to coincide with learning objectives in the Safety module.  In Game Design, students work in teams to recreate classic game video game characters or levels.  I have had them create a video game with rules, goals, obstacles, etc.  This Community Hub will be a great way to connect with others to share ideas and also to troubleshoot problems we may encounter.  

  • Nathan Richards

    Hi. My name is Nathan Richards. I work for Brisbane Catholic Education in sunny Queensland Australia. I work with a team of people who support over 75 000 students and 15 000 staff across 144 schools. In my position we support staff and students in the use of O365 and naturally M:EE. We have seen a significant increase in the use of the software since we released it to students. We are currently running our first organisation wide Minecraft Competition which has seen 705 teams registered. This represents 48 of our schools involving over 2500 students. (Here is a Link to find out more) I feel that we are barely scratching the surface at the moment in regards to the potential of M:EE and are seeing demand for support amongst our staff to learn more. I'm really looking forward to being apart of this community. Thanks

  • Susie T

    Hello!!! Thank you all for posting introductions! I'm Susie and I work on Customer Engagement for M:EE. I know so many of you and can't wait to meet even more of our community members through the new Hub!! 

  • Noelene Callaghan

    GDay everyone. Noelene from Sydney, Australia. I'm work in Head Office and work with 2,200 schools (and over 600,000 students). My overall goal is to help them implement Minecraft Education into their teaching programs. Would love to connect with others and gain more ideas of how to use Minecraft Education.

  • Robert Burke

    Hi, my name's Rob Burke.  I work with Nathan Richards at Brisbane Catholic Education in Queensland, Australia.  I am a teacher who now works for our head office.  I have the fortune of being able to introduce and support teachers from across all of our schools to Minecraft Education Edition.  As Nathan mentioned, our first Minecraft competition has been a great success and raised the profile of M:EE as a learning tool.  It's great to have this hub where we can connect and work together across the globe.  Thanks Minecraft team!

  • Minecraft EDU Official Community manager

    DEEPAK BHANGE congratulations, you are our weekend winner of our Community Hub raffle! Please email to redeem your prize.

    Also, we love how you have been hosting webinars - we'd love to invite you to our Remote Learning Roundtable to share how M:EE works with a hybrid teaching world. Let us know in the email if you are interested in joining us!

  • Andrea Plaza

    Hi! My name is Andrea, I'm a teacher and I am now working in a company developing digital teaching competence projects with Minecraft. I've been working in Microsoft Education Spain and during that time I developed some projects with Minecraft and schools and also related to Esports and Minecraft in Education.

    Along my professional experience I have been working as a Technology Education Expert and creating innovative ways to transform the Education field by working for companies like Microsoft. My professional goal is to lead projects that help to transform teaching and learning process and to create collaborative and inclusive environments through the effective use of technology.

    My passion for videogames has helped me to see the importance of bringing together gamification and the teaching field as a key methodology to improve the education experience😊

    You can follow me on twitter: @Andreoide7

  • Dean Vendramin

    Hi I'm Dean Vendramin.  I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been using MCedu for a few years now and love how the tool and the community has grown.  I look forward to continuing my journey using MCedu to provide students with engaging, empowering, and empathy opportunities.  I have used extensively with my high school math and social classes and have also nudged a few other colleagues to give this opportunity to students and both the teachers/students were grateful.  My Twitter handle is @vendi55

  • Adam Tratt

    Welcome, everyone! I'm privileged to work with Minecraft EDU Team here at Minecraft where my team creates and curates lessons and other content to bring new learning opportunities to educators and students worldwide. We're always looking for ways to partner with members of our community to find and amplify great Minecraft lessons through our lesson library as well as hear your feedback about ways we can make the library of 750+ existing Minecraft lessons even more useful. One fun new thing we've been working on the past few months is the first season of the Minecraft Education Edition podcast that aims to bring educators' stories from the classroom to life... If that sounds interesting to you, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts or listen in a browser here.

  • Minecraft EDU Team Community manager

    Go Michelle Thorpe!! Incredible. I love the idea of Game Design Academies - would be fun to have a meetup with Game Design teachers and our game designers at M:EE sometime this year! So much great writing baked into design with the rules and goals! Can't wait to follow your journey this year.

  • Minecraft EDU Team Community manager

    Nathan Richards 705 teams?? SO AWESOME! What's your number 1 tip for scaling a competition like that across so many classrooms?

    And we'd love to host some kind of fun live event for the community to showcase your finalists, let us know if we can peek into your world sometime!

  • Bron Stuckey Community moderator

    Nathan Richards your competition looks fantastic! I love that the build projects and activities will  be personal and locally meaningful. And I love that the competition is not singularly focused on the build component. It's very likely like you will be presented with an embarrassment of riches - I can't wait to see how it goes. Bravo! #goteamAussie

  • David Jones

    Hi everyone! David Jones here from Melbourne, Australia. I am a primary school educator and currently a researcher in STEM education. I am a MIE Expert and Minecraft Mentor. I have been fortunate to work with our education department in our state with Minecraft Education and mentoring others with examples of usage. I see Minecraft as another form of pen and paper (a technology tool) to create, be curious and learn. 

    Can find me at @DJoneseducator on Twitter. 

    While I love using Minecraft with my students, I highly enjoy teaching other educators on the potential it has in their classrooms


  • Sarah Elliott

    Hi everyone! I'm Sarah Elliott, a Minecraft Global Mentor from Toronto, Canada. I've been an educator at the Royal Ontario Museum for 19 years, and have been lead developer on the museum's Minecraft virtual visit program for the last four. The Minecraft program was conceived as a way to pivot virtual visits to an active learner model, and I've recently received the green light to transition from our Museum-run Java server to creating Minecraft: Education Edition lessons. It's been amazing to see the power Minecraft has to engage students across our province and connect them with museum objects at a distance, and I'm incredibly excited to dive into these new EE-based programs. You can follow me on twitter @MuseumGirlSarah, and my Minecraft-related work (past and future) gets tagged with #ROMminecraft.

  • Monica Joshi

    Hi everyone! I am Monica Joshi, a Minecraft Global Mentor from India. I am the IT Head at Sat Paul Mittal School India and it's been beautiful 21 years I am around children in school education system.  It's been amazing four years to use MEE to engage students across curriculum in all parts of the lesson plans - Introduction, Development, Summation and Evaluation accross all grades ( K-12). I love when my children create and my teachers learn from them. I work upon game based learning using Minecraft Education Edition which helps students to create, communicate. collaborate and enjoy. Looking forward to learn from the other community members

    You can follow me on twitter @klnamya and you can see my Minecraft related work at YouTube Channel @TechnocratNJ

  • Leearna Borg

    Hi, I’m Leearna from Sydney, Australia. I’m a primary school educator. I’ve used Minecraft for a couple of years now with my code club students and have been keen for fellow staff to jump on board. Staff at my school have recently signed up to be part of the Minecraft innovation project. Through this we hope to better learn how to utilise Minecraft to assist students in meeting learning outcomes.

    twitter @leearna11

  • Mauro Balsano

    Hello there!

    I'm Mauro Balsano, I'm fifty and write from Rome - Italy.

    I started use Minecraft since 8 years ago looking for something of smart to involve my daughter instead of mobile games and others.

    Today she is thirteen years old, and the roles have turned upside down.
    Now, during the latter year, she is the one who taught me and gave me tips and tricks, like to start whit her to use Minecraft: Education Edition too.

    Every advice and device he gave me, I reuse it for teacher training.

    I have to be honest: my daughter is a great teacher...


  • Ben K

    Hi Everyone! I'm Ben @BBTNB from Canada. I teach grade 6-12 STEM in Atlantic Canada (Above Maine) and this year I have the special treat of teaching grade 7 math for the first time after a decade of mainly high school courses. 

    I'm busy creating a mountain of resources involving the Sustainable Development Goals and Minecraft: Education Edition and will try to package them and share them via the community ASAP. I'm also refreshing my most popular experience Empathy Education in MCEE. 

    Check out my Minecraft resources on the website and at

    Feel free to reach out for any reason any time. 

  • Nathan Richards

    Thanks for your reply Minecraft EDU Team. We have been supporting the teams and their teachers via Microsoft Teams. This created a great community for us to communicate important messages and provide support. So I would have to say having a platform like this made scaling this project possible.

    I'm more than happy to look into something like a live event. Feel free to contact me at I have to say that I am very excited to see what the students submit. 

  • Richard Meijer

    Hi all, I am Richard from the Netherlands and i work at IT Randsteden. We help teachers to use (new) technology in the classroom and Minecraft is for sure one of my favorites. I love the WOW moment when a teacher realizes what he can do with Minecraft Education and how much it inspires students. I can't wait to be amazed by all the ideas from the other forum hub members and inspire more people in using Minecraft. 

  • Leticia Ahumada

    Hi everyone! My name is Leti, I teach Coding & Robotics in Spain and I love using Minecraft in my classroom. I have been a Minecraft Global Mentor for three years and during that time I've develop some projects in the game and encouraged a lot of teachers in my country to use Minecraft. 

    You can follow me on twitter: @nekolety

    or Youtube (Educational tutorial to use the game in SPA): Leti Ahumada

    If you are a science teacher that use Minecraft for sure you know me (I'm the author of the eukaryotic cells world in the library). I think Minecraft has a lot of posibilities in the classroom to create meaningful learning experiences and encourage kids to socialize and think outside the box.

    The feature I love the most in game is the Agent, there are so many thing we can do with him... I hope this community keep growing and become a place for all to learn.


    Hi everyone!

    I am Deepak Bhange from India.

    I'm a Technology, Geography and History teacher at Zilla Parishad Primary School Ijjatgaon Nanded. Also I teach to 6th and 8th grade coding and Minecraft. Last March, when we all transitioned to online learning because of Covid 19 , Me and my son Piyush grade 8 th successfully hosted a Minecraft webinar, live event through Microsoft Teams from my home and more than 500 members participated.
    I'll be attempting to have a hybrid of students in the classroom playing simultaneously with students who are joining in from their own homes.
    In this lockdown my two son’s Piyush and Punit created so many Minecraft world and complete monthly build challenges.
    My son’s work Challenge of click below to open blog

    May 2020 

    June 2020 

    July 2020

    monthly build challenges are published on Minecraft official  blog
    Like and Subscribe my Youtube channel . All Minecraft videos on

    Link-  YouTube channel.

    You can also follow me on Twitter

    @ Deepak0495



  • Richard Meijer

    Minecraft EDU Official my number one tip for teachers who are new with Minecraft: Just do it! Start it up ask help from the students and let them show you what you can do with Minecraft. They are the experts and also develop their 21st century skills by helping you and other students. Next step (when the students have blown you away with inspiration) explore all the great ideas from other teachers and register for a (online) training. (it saves time and it's inspiring)

  • Cristiana Pivetta

    Hi everyone! Cristiana Pivetta from Carbonia, in Italy. I have been teaching Italian Language and Literature together with History in the High School since September.

    Can find me at @fantascrivendo on Twitter

    I love using Minecraft: Education Edition with my students for storytelling activities and teaching teachers the opportunities for use and inclusion.


  • Kyle M Community team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi There,

    So glad to have everyone in the new community! I am Kyle and I work on the Minecraft: Education Edition support team. I am really looking forward to meeting new folks here in the community and continuing to have great conversations with those of you I already know.

  • Angela Barton

    G’Day! I’m Ange Barton and I’m an upper years teacher working for Brisbane Catholic Education in Australia. We are very excited to have entered our Year 5&6 classes into the first M:EE competition that people like Robert Burke, Nathan Richards and Grant Shipton from BCE have initiated. I can’t stress enough how engaged the students are when learning and crafting in Minecraft. So happy to be on board!


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