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Announcing the New Community Hub + Introductions



  • Richard Meijer

    Minecraft EDU Official my number one tip for teachers who are new with Minecraft: Just do it! Start it up ask help from the students and let them show you what you can do with Minecraft. They are the experts and also develop their 21st century skills by helping you and other students. Next step (when the students have blown you away with inspiration) explore all the great ideas from other teachers and register for a (online) training. (it saves time and it's inspiring)

  • Andrea Plaza

    Hi! My name is Andrea, I'm a teacher and I am now working in a company developing digital teaching competence projects with Minecraft. I've been working in Microsoft Education Spain and during that time I developed some projects with Minecraft and schools and also related to Esports and Minecraft in Education.

    Along my professional experience I have been working as a Technology Education Expert and creating innovative ways to transform the Education field by working for companies like Microsoft. My professional goal is to lead projects that help to transform teaching and learning process and to create collaborative and inclusive environments through the effective use of technology.

    My passion for videogames has helped me to see the importance of bringing together gamification and the teaching field as a key methodology to improve the education experience😊

    You can follow me on twitter: @Andreoide7

  • DIAAELDEIN Yossry Hassan Ahmed

    Thank you

  • Cristiana Pivetta

    Hi everyone! Cristiana Pivetta from Carbonia, in Italy. I have been teaching Italian Language and Literature together with History in the High School since September.

    Can find me at @fantascrivendo on Twitter

    I love using Minecraft: Education Edition with my students for storytelling activities and teaching teachers the opportunities for use and inclusion.


  • Kyle M Community team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi There,

    So glad to have everyone in the new community! I am Kyle and I work on the Minecraft: Education Edition support team. I am really looking forward to meeting new folks here in the community and continuing to have great conversations with those of you I already know.

  • Angela Barton

    G’Day! I’m Ange Barton and I’m an upper years teacher working for Brisbane Catholic Education in Australia. We are very excited to have entered our Year 5&6 classes into the first M:EE competition that people like Robert Burke, Nathan Richards and Grant Shipton from BCE have initiated. I can’t stress enough how engaged the students are when learning and crafting in Minecraft. So happy to be on board!

  • Robert Burke

    Shout out to Angela Barton and her teaching partner Leesa Henrickson who are doing amazing things in their classes with M:EE.  Their students are working in groups and communicating through Teams within private channels.  They have taught the students the value of organisation and distribution of work.  Just reading the communication you know who is doing each task for any day they are working on their Minecraft Challenge activity.  Great to have you in the community Angela Barton

  • Kristen Garrett

    Hi everyone, my name is Kristen Garrett and I work with Nathan Richards and Robert Burke at Brisbane Catholic Education in Queensland, Australia. As an educator, I am passionate about effectively integrating technology tools into the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning and isn't Minecraft such a rich way to do this. I've seen student engagement with this tool be incredible and am now in the fortunate position where I can support schools to unlock further potential. Stay tuned for how our Minecraft competition goes! Looking forward to being part of a global network of Minecraft educators.

  • Dean Garza

    Hi everyone! I'm Dean originally from Houston, Tx. I have taught for over 20 years. I love using Minecraft in and out if the classroom. I am now in the UK and get to help students and teachers make the most of Minecraft Edu! As a Minecraft certified Global Training Partner, Aspire 2Be helps schools (and businesses) use Minecraft to promote creativity, teamwork and turn the curriculum into visible outcomes globally! Can't wait to learn from all of you as I have already from so many talented teachers all over. My twitter handle is @dogtx 👍

  • Minecraft EDU Official Community manager

    Hey Michael Lee great to have a strong STEM teacher here! And awesome Erik Leitner, wise words and love thinking that statistically, someone is a player in your class!

  • Minecraft EDU Official Community manager

    Dean Garza congrats on almost 20 years. Yay for Aspire2Be and your mission!

    Kristen Garrett Angela Barton what a dream team! We look forward to meeting your students in your event tomorrow!

    Cristiana Pivetta love the thought of storytelling, what are some stories your kids have spun up?

    Andrea Plaza great shot and great experiences, can't wait to hear how it's going!



  • Minecraft EDU Official Community manager

    Richard Meijer we love it - just do it!

    You are our raffle winner of the day - woo hoo! Please email to redeem your prize. Thanks for your introduction!

  • Simon Kwok

    Hello! My name is Simon Kwok and I am a Librarian/Learning Commons teacher at Eagle Mountain Middle School in Anmore, British Columbia. I have been using Minecraft to teach a little bit of coding to the students here, as well as supporting core teachers in integrating Minecraft into their units. Last year, I remotely ran a Minecraft Club for our students so that they can still connect with each other during the pandemic. 

    I would love to connect with all of you here! I am on Twitter as @mister_kwok.

  • Charity Nix

    Hello Wendy and All!  My name is Charity Nix.  I am a Professional Learning Specialist with NCCE and former K12 educator.  I have been in education for 20+ years.  I am not a gamer, however I am a Minecraft Global Mentor and huge advocate! I have had the honor of working with many educators around the globe to integrate Minecraft Education Edition into their classrooms, both face to face and virtual.  You might say I am a Minecraft junkie now.  My Twitter handle is @butterflynix

  • Michelle Chomiak

    Hello! I'm a Digital Technologies / Computer Science teacher from Perth, Western Australia, where I teach Y6 - Y10. I've done some basic Minecraft training and am planning to use it in our CoderDojo club after school. I have a Minecraft mad 9yo son and I've just been made a MIEE, woohoo! My twitter is @MrsChom

  • Minecraft EDU Official Community manager

    Hey Charity Nix oh my goodness, all those plushies! We love your training videos <3 

    Michelle Chomiak congratulations on becoming a MIEE! Also - you have just won our raffle for the day! Email to redeem!

  • Steven Payne

    Hi everyone! My name is Steven Payne. I play, craft, and learn in Perth, Western Australia. For most of my career I have been a maths teacher, but right now I mainly work with the Microsoft Team supporting Aussie schools with using technology for learning and teaching - and this includes quite a bit of Minecraft: Education Edition. 

    Each time I speak to students and teachers, I hear of innovative and creative ways of using Minecraft, and this inspires me to keep learning and growing, and help others to make the most of Minecraft: Education Edition. 

    You can find me on Twitter at @StandoutEd

  • Campbell Smythe

    Hi folks - I'm Campbell Smythe, based in Cairns Australia and working as an education/digital skills advisor in Catholic Education supporting staff with Minecraft:EE and Office 365. We are a small region of only 30 schools with 2000 staff and only have a handful in a Minecraft Team for collaboration and sharing. At the moment!

    I'm and old Primary and Secondary teacher and wish Minecraft was around when I was teaching!  But who remembers Carmen Sandiego, the magic School Bus and the Oregon Trail? Right now I'm particularly interested in creating worlds that teachers can use with their students and have found Stephen Reid's sessions really helpful and inspiring. I'm also on Twitter, as @cdsmythe


    Minecraft EDU Official

    Hi I am, Deepak Bhange,

    My Mail Id-

     I'm sending this mail to claim my prize as a weekend winner of Community Hub Raffle. I'm humbled to get this prize! Yes, sir it would be honor for me and my son and we are Looking forward to attend the Remote Learning Roundtable and to host about how Minecraft is used in education, hybrid learning. Thanks again for weekend winner of our Community Hub raffle!

    Prize We can't wait to see what you reply.


  • Bradley Smrstick Community moderator

    Hello everyone. 

    I am a former AP Physics Teacher and Technology Trainer in Professional Development, now working in IT for my district in Tampa Florida.  I am a Minecraft Mentor and have been lucky enough to be involved with several Minecraft Education Edition curriculum/lesson development projects in the past few years.  I am also a MIE Expert and have been one for 8 years running.  As such I have been lucky enough to deliver Minecraft Education Edition trainings to teachers in all grade levels across the country #NCCE.  

    I am looking forward to the new opportunities that may come up in this new environment as well as to continue on my own professional learning path with the help of everyone in this team:)

  • Walter Gabriel Ramirez

    Hi everyone, i am a technician and planning manager at Minna Labs, a private institute in the city of Parana, province of Entrerios, Argentina. We also carry out remote teaching to other students from Latin American countries, such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. MEE is amazing. our students learn quickly and enjoy. We are to learn and share with the community. Thanks for the support 

  • James Paraskeva

    Hi there! I teach across K-12 at a school for Autism in Melbourne Australia.

    I have used Minecraft as a digital playground to engaged students in their SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and then stretched out the lessons within their play to students who want to explore the more creative and/or technical aspects of what they can achieve in shared worlds. This has proved a 'great equaliser' and social motivator for our cohort and will be a tool of success for our students.

  • Stuart Gray

    Hello Minecraft EDU Team and Minecraft Education Community! My name is Stuart Gray from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 🍁. I am an Education Technology Consultant with the Western Quebec School Board in Gatineau, Quebec. I was previously a secondary Science/Chemistry/Mathematics teacher for ten years.

    I have just graduated from the #MIEExpert Virtual Teacher Academy and completed the M:EE Teacher Academy Learning Pathway on the Educator Center. I am extremely excited about helping the educators across our board introduce their students to the world of M:EE. Some of the elements I am most excited about working with teachers on are Code Builder, the Chemistry Resource Pack, and Redstone.

    You can connect with me @StuartGrayEDU on Twitter and LinkedIn and on Wakelet @WesternQuebec.

    Excited to be part of the community!

  • Aria Singh

    Hi i'm Aria

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Welcome, Aria Singh


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