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Place blocks w/data, eg Signs



  • On the bedrock edition it's not possible to place signs with text, unfortunately. I have tried with /setblock, but no luck so far. Maybe the people in the Minecraft team can help out with a proper way to do this?

    Chalkboards cannot be placed with /setblock at all.

    I agree that it should be possible to add text to signs using /setblock and I also miss the /blockdata command in bedrock edition.

    Block with data only refers to the datavalue of certain blocks, like buttons, torches, hoppers etc. The text data is not available to my knowledge. Digminecraft has a very useful list of all block IDs and data values for bedrock edition.

    PS: You can find more tips and help on the MakeCode for Minecraft user group on Facebook.
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    It is possible to place blocks elsewhere and /clone them to your desired location (this will preserve the data in the block, eg. text on signs or content of a chest).
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