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Enable recorded audio for NPCs and other items



  • Leticia Ahumada

    I am working right now in adapting a world for a blind child and this feature is absolutely necessary.

  • Phil N

    Cool idea. Adding in various audio recording and playback capabilities could unlock some neat scenarios as well as improving accessibility.

  • Elena Degtyareva

    Great! I vote

  • fanglin yuan

    must support, this function very cool, please support this feature officially

  • Vivian Chandra

    I found a workaround by uploading the sound file to Soundcloud and using the URL in the NPC's URL section. I made the button say "Listen to This"

  • Penny Support Team

    Great tip, thanks Vivian Chandra!

  • Aleece Landis

    Yes it would be very nice to have the ability to for instance, have the npc play the audio for spelling words that the students will then have to type to trigger the commands to send them to the next word on the quiz.

  • Aleece Landis

    While it is not an within game editing method.  I did figure out how to set up the spelling worlds audio to be played.  I had to first record all the spelling worlds in .ogg format.

    Then those audio files need to go into a resource pack and then get cataloged in the sound_definitions.json

    then it is possible to play them with a /playsound command.  Which can be triggered via npc open, button or exit command.

    I also used the npc dialogues file in a behavior pack to fill in all the NPC content so that I did not have to do all that from within game.

    I suppose it would be possible to set up commands blocks to detect when player are within certain spaces to cause audio to play but that is not something I have worked at figuring out lately.


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