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/UNDO /CLONE type commands that enable teachers to quickly build/edit worlds and lessons



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    Kyle M Community team
    Expert (Gold)

    Answer: If these tools are implemented they will be via the Bedrock team and we will carry over. 


    Hi Guys,

    I am officially posting info from Matt's separate post on additional tools top be able to create and remove large structures quickly:

    • Teachers (and others) need ways to quickly create/remove structures in their worlds. /Undo is just one of these tools
    • We need some more intuitive build tools built in, /fill and /clone are reasonable, but for new users are very problematic. Visual cues, even a 'temporary ghosting' of what you are /fill or /clone'ing and having the option to see what it would look like would be a start.
    • I would really like to be able to place blocks farther than 5 blocks away. When creating 'organic' shapes, I found it much easier to 'sketch' it out and then stand in key locations and place blocks a long distance away and build them towards me.
    • This post has also been expanded to include Stephen's great ideas on ?clone of various items as well :)
    • Also adding in world painter compatibility here as suggested in a previous post




  • Trish Cloud

    And for some of us that are not experts at the game, when we build we frequently make mistakes in placing blocks and end up eating a lot of time in fixing things. This would help tremendously and help "non-expert" players feel more confident about experimenting with building techniques.

  • Matt Coia

    This would be an essential part of the Build Tools suggestion I made earlier!

  • Simon Baddeley

    Good call Matt. Can these threads and votes be merged under yours?


    Build tools would be a major improvement! They were/are part of the basic toolkit in the old MinecraftEDU. Why did they not come over to M:EE?

  • Ryan Ginn

    Kyle, you said these improvements would carry over from Bedrock but are not currently available. Any timeframe on when they will be?

  • LJ Dutton

    Rookie mistake made..

    Cloned a section and it overtook another original building....

    Why can't we undo this... Hours down the drain.  Older version of EDU had this...Seems ridiculous that the newest one doesn't.  Ctrl Z...seriously

  • Ulrik Haugbølle Sommer

    Hello Kyle M

    I was wondering about the inability to undo mistakes. As mentioned above, many people are not minecraft experts, so the /undo command would be a great help :)

  • Penny Support Team

    LJ Dutton and Ulrik Haugbølle Sommer we greatly appreciate your feedback and your patience during this unprecedented time.  It's been our privilege to help provide solutions for everyone who is learning to adjust to the new world of remote learning - and we have also been faced with unprecedented demand for our support desk.  We understand that undo would be a great addition to a learning product, and right now are prioritizing it against many other features that will help us serve our users.  Keep upvoting this feature to help our planning team understand it's importance!

  • Luk Van den Bossche

    If you see what a timesaver the mod worldedit is in the java version, it's no wonder teachers want this also in the MEE-version!

    As I want ;-)

  • Wengang Huang

    the /undo command would be a great help :)


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