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Blocks with ability to teleport players to desired destinations



  • Official comment
    Kyle M

    Thank you Joel, great suggestion.

  • It would be great if these appeared on a map so a teacher could see how they connect. Even better if the teacher GUI allowed for point and click connection between stations on the map.

  • Trish Cloud

    This was one of the most amazing tools. I could just have a student walk over a block and boom they were teleported to a new area. If you want to give students the FEEL of a new location if they are enacting a particularly engaging chapter from a book, (imagine A Wrinkle in Time) something like this would be so helpful...

  • Fabian van

    This is already possible with command blocks, but it would be much easier with station blocks, especially for teachers.

  • JAY D

    Command blocks with a pressure plate activation would do it. But another way to do it is with an NPC, students could actually pick from options on where to teleport to next if you set it up with destination choices.


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