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Minecraft Edu Competition



  • Kyle M
    Hi Alan,

    I don't think we have any sponsored competitions. But there are tons of schools using Minecraft. I'm sure if you reached out to a few schools you have prior relationships you could find something.

    Also, it should be noted that multiplayer between two schools will most likely not be possible :(


  • a.monetha
    Hi Kyle,

    thanks for your answer.

  • Piia Martikainen
    Hi Alan! I'm just "thinking aloud". :) Do you know these weekly challenges here in Minecraft pages? That would be nice start for you to make a weekly competition between your own students.
    Give them a challenge, let them be judges and give the weekly winner one "badget" etc. Who's the "Master builder".
    Best, Piia
  • richard hainsworth

    Hi Alan

    My students and I are looking to team up with other schools from around the world and work together to solve a range of climate change related challenges.  My students are currently building these challenges and learning about the risks of climate change and what can be done.

    I have asked Kyle (hi Kyle) about Microsoft allowing Realms in M:EE which would allow for some amazing opportunities for 'A GLOBAL' multi player.  Could you imagine it! 

    Currently they say that it may happen, but don;t know when.....i will keep pushing Microsoft as I am sure when more teachers begin using MEE they will also hit this limitation and ask what can be done.  


  • Alfonso Gonzalez

    Any updates to this question? Now that Minecraft is played competitively for eSports there must be ways to play with teams in other schools! 

  • Shawnee Mepham

    I agree that it would be fantastic to be able to collaborate with other educators around the world, as currently I believe we are still limited to only being able to play with others/accounts in our own organisation. Is this something in the works potentially? This would be amazing for my school as we have a sister school in Japan, and with the pandemic we haven't been able to hold our regular exchange visits with each other. I think it would be wonderful for them to be able to play together in Minecraft EE.

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    If you have enough licenses, you could still work with your sister school.


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