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Global Minecraft Challenge to Raise Awareness about Climate Change



  • richard hainsworth

    Hi there Vilas

    The Future Farming and Organic Farming projects sounds amazing. We would love to see and learn more about this.


    Minecraft has so many interesting possibilities, we would love to share the challenge with you when you are ready.


    Talk soon


    Brigidine College Randwick 


  • Vilas Bhagwat

    Dear Richard Randwick,

    Thank you very much for showing your interest!

    In my school students from class 1 to 10 have regular periods (2 in a week) of farming.  There they learn about organic farming in the field and they actually work in the field. Separate curriculum is developed for farming.

    About future farming students are working in Minecraft,

    I wonder how can I send photographs of students doing farming and Minecraft world file of future agriculture to you.

    Thanks & regards.

    Vilas Bhagawat

  • richard hainsworth

    Good morning Vilas

    Your school sounds amazing. 


    Feel free to email me

    and we can set up share point and even a Skype conference ?

    Wishing you a great weekend and happy farming.


  • Jessica Brewer


    I know this is an older post, but I would love to do something like this with my students.  I am completely new to Minecraft for education (just did the tutorial today) but my students are all experts.  Something like this would be a great opportunity for them.

    We are in Rural Midwestern America.  If anyone is still wanting to partner or willing to let us join let me know either on here or shoot me an email.


    Jessica Brewer

    Rural Illinois, U.S.

  • richard hainsworth

    Good afternoon Jessica


    Great to hear from you and that you are interested in a collaboration.  We would love to join up with you and collaborate.


    Will email you now.


    So exciting

    Thanks again,


  • Jessica Brewer

    Good Morning Richard,


    I tried to email you at the address on an earlier post, but my email rejected the address.  I am super excited at the prospect of collaborating on a project.  Can you either send me an email at or post your email for me?


    Thank you,


  • richard hainsworth

    Hi there Jessica


    Hope all is well. My students are looking to team up again this year and are looking for more schools from around the world. 


    Will try and email you this morning. Hope all is well and can;t wait to join forces.





  • a.monetha

    Dear all,

    I hope everybody is well. Unfortunately, I do not have a Minecraft class this year, but what I wanted  to tell you: We came first in a competition in December.


    It was a challenge about STEM. So we tried to focus on jobs in the STEM sector and implemented them in Minecraft, e.g. we showed the biologist of the future, who grows plants for life on Mars. 


    I can tell you, it was really exciting! 

    In addition, I really would like to promote the opportunity that Minecraft brings people from all over the world together!




  • Good morning everyone.

    I hope that you and your families are safe and well during this time.

    Since most schools around the world are in lock down I thought it would be a great opportunity to connect with fellow teachers and their classes. I am building a 24 hour team sprint around the world challenge. Based on team work & sustainability with the idea of joining together to build better connections.

    The main idea is that there are a series of islands (that represent us as isolated countries) and student teams have to build a bridge to connect the island next to them. Starting with a school in New Zealand connecting to Australia then all the way around the planet returning back to New Zealand before the sun rises (in real time).

    In practical terms, the file would be emailed to the teacher starting with NewZealand, they would build, save the file, download it and send to the next school / country and so on until it made it around the world. We would have to dominate a particular date over the next month and start the clock.

    Wondering if anyone is interested in joining in?

    Best regards,



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