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Restricting Build Areas per player



  • Bret Jesse

    I've come up to that same issue. The best means I've found to deal with it is to have students set up expectations around the idea that "Actions have consequences". This includes talking about the feelings that students have following having their own projects destroyed by others. I did a very extreme version of this, but since that lesson I have not had any issues with students breaking each others projects.

    For students with disabilities or mental health concerns that cannot comprehend the expectations, I will often times have them work in a separate world and explain to them how their project is much more unique and needs more space. With one student, he will often also complain about (non-existent) lag in the world. This motivates him to work on his own world under the same parameters as other students. 

    Not sure if this helps, but good luck with sorting it out!

  • Kevin Bédard

    This is also one of my problems. 


    I like to build a city with my students all throught the year. But sometimes some students destroy their neigbor builds. 

    Ideally, i could make a Immutable world so they cannot destroy the builds i made and the streets of the city. Then i could use the Allow blocks but specify by ID wich student has allow acces . So everyone could have a plot or section to build on, and I could assign more then 1 ID per plot if i want them to work together .

    So if ever we could have an ID selector on Allow/Deny/Border blocks, i would be all set !! Maybe an idea for futur updates? :) 


  • Evgenii Permiakov


    In my Entrepreneurship World, I have students buy plots of land that only they have access to. Let me know if this question is still relevant and I will provide a step-by-step tutorial. 

  • Genevieve McLeish-Petty

    I would like that tutorial. I am trying to assign spots in the museum world to make a black history museum


    You can use borders you should be worldbuilder write /wb to be a worldbuilder than place the barriers the students can get out from barriers. 

  • Dorrine Esposito

    Evgenii Permiakov- Please send us the tutorial. This is my biggest problem- kids destroying other kids' builds.  


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