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join codes are just bad



  • Vikram Harinath

    Don't agree. We had the problem where students from one classroom were joining the server of another classroom.

    Join codes are a great way to stop that from happening.

    Maybe, instead of getting rid of join codes, provide the option to start a server with or without a join code (knowing that without a join code anyone can join your server).

  • Kay Wojnarski

    I love the join codes. On our school network, I had problems with students joining from other classrooms and not being able to moderate them (sometimes they could be destructive or rude). This will help me out by limiting the class world to those who are actually in the classroom.

  • Merry Hofmeister
    Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    Join codes have been an amazing gamechanger for our district - before join codes random griefing and spamming was a much more significant issue. Join codes have empowered our teachers to manage and use M:EE instructionally. 


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