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Minecraft EE - Unable to connect to world



  • Kyle M

    Hello Mason,

    Thanks for posting.It could be due to a few reasons:

    • Port 19132 needs to be re-opened. The update is now being recognized as a new app
    • Your accounts are on different tenants

    Please submit a request if the issue is persisting. 


  • Katelyn POINTON

    I tried this, but still doesn't work. Exact same issue for me!


    Please help!!

  • Kathleen Fox

    Our schools rolled out 1 to 1 devices just a couple of months before Covid hit.  It was during the Spring that I started taking Microsoft classes and earning badges and how I found M EE.  However, I was only able to ever get a few students into the classroom edition.

    This year school is completely different online all the time and I tried it out in each of my classes one day  - The students who were able to sign on loved it but I could only get a few students in each class to sign on and I need help.  I went to my district IT department this summer and they said that M EE wasn't blocked but they had to download the app from their 1 to 1 devices ( from the Microsoft store edition) and I thought that would resolve it - some are able to sign-in / some can sign-in to the game but not to classroom mode/

    some aren't able to download  ;{   I have reached out to my district but have gotten little to no response back and the students keep asking when are we doing M EE again. I keep telling them I need to get us some resources and I need a mentor to help get everyone in.  So if you are a mentor and want to help a high school art teach and her three classes get online - HERE we are (about 110 students). If you have any specific resources because I have been around the entire site several times and get lost real easy or go a loop de loop of Ive been here before.  

    I would sure appreciate some assistance in how to get my classes connected to classroom mode and building - Thank you.



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