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sharing .mcworld



  • Kyle M

    Hi Barb,

    Thanks for posting! You could assign a group leader and send them the world. That person is then responsible for exporting and saving the world file at the end of each session. 

    Others, feel free to chime in!


  • Barbara Seaton

    Thanks for the reply - I'm assuming that you mean email the team lead the link? 


  • Ryan Ginn
    Bug Zapper Super Star

    Yes, you could email each team leader the original .mcworld that they could then use in their own game. They would only have to download the file, then click on it for it to begin uploading into their own game. That team leader would then have to host the world from their machine for other students to join. Be aware that if you'd like to save each of the various copies, they will all have a different save than the original.

  • Jonathan Joos


    I was wondering if there is a way I can share a .mcworld file without having to send a download link? Is there a way I can host a library of worlds for a certain group?


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