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Removing certain items from game and disallowing the use of certain items



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    Kyle M

    Hello Ryan,

    Yes, we do have some:

    Syntax: /gamerule (string) (value)

    • allowdestructiveobjects – When set to true, players may use TNT near others. You may also use specialty blocks (allow, deny, border) to help limit potential damage.
    • allowmobs – Mobs are living, moving creatures found within the Minecraft world. Friendly (creatures like chickens and ocelots) and not so friendly mobs (creatures like creepers) are allowed to appear in the world when this is turned on.
  • Would just like to request this to be implemented.

    It would be good if particular items could be individually disabled in Minecraft Education Edition by using simple commands in the command line as stated above.

  • Ryan Ginn
    Bug Zapper Super Star

    But no way to remove specific items like enderpearls? It seems like a simple command would be /itemuse [item] [allow/deny]

  • Interesting thoughts. It would be useful to have some special worlds with special rules for special reasons that align with curriculum and philosophy. 


  • We aren't talking about permanent removal of items from the game.

    We are talking about the ability to disable the use of particular items for teacher hosted world. I.e. it will be linked to the world.

    This allows more world customisation and ensures student learning isn't disrupted.

    You would still be able to host worlds where all these items are enabled.

  • Dan Noble

    There's a handy YouTube clip here which demonstrates how to use command blocks to block the use of enderpearls in a world. Very useful. I'd also make one to block the chorus fruit which also allows limited teleportation. 

  • Until this is easily implemented...for now:

    Watch this video from EduElfie. Couple of years old, so will need to test, but worth giving a go.
    Read the accompanied document that's in YouTube video description.


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