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Classroom Mode



  • Brent Simpson

    Agree. Classroom mode is almost essential but barely works. I am having to reconsider how I use the tool in classrooms because of the lack of ways to manage students and builds. 

  • Victor Rajewski

    Annoyed at this, I built my own version of classroom mode. I haven't heavily tested it yet as we're on school holidays right now, but any feedback welcome. Some things are a little different. Built in Python, and has a standalone executable for Windows, but not Mac at this point as I haven't got a Mac to build on (the Python code should work fine on a Mac though.

  • Genny Elias-Warren

    I cannot seem to find or download a classroom mode. It seems that only the Minecraft Education Edition downloads. Have they made an update that incorporates classroom mode? It sounds great, and I really need to use something like it.



  • Markus Priebe Jakobsson

    I agree with this. It needs to be updated. Really useful tool when it's working.

  • Dan Noble Community moderator
    Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Minecraft EDU Official I agree. 

    The classroom mode tool is an essential tool, but lately I don't even bother with it as the lag renders it unusable. 

    I know there's a lot on the developers plates... but something to keep in mind for future perhaps! :) 

  • Victor Rajewski

    Here's a reimplementation I made that doesn't lag:

    There's no Mac installer at the moment, though you should be able to run it directly from source (python). Some bits might be a bit rough around the edges, but mostly works.


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