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iOS and Android MEE version




  • M:EE Support
    Hi there,
    We do make a note of all platform requests so that when discussions of future development come up, the community's voice is adequately heard and represented in these matters, and as it's come up on our forums before, we encourage folks to chime in on those threads so we can keep the discussions together. That being said, we don't currently have a timeline on if/when additional platforms will be available.

    As you've no doubt discovered, the non-education edition Minecraft is available on a large number of other platforms (some more mobile than others), including PC/Mac, Xbox, Windows 10, or iOS. Many educators currently use these versions to explore Minecraft for educational purposes. We encourage all educators to explore our resources to quickly ramp up on Minecraft using collateral shared by other educators. You can find these resources in our “Class Resources” section of the website, connect with other educators of similar interests, or chat about your ideas with our community here.

    Thanks for asking!
  • Darius Luksa
    Yes plz
  • Ranga R3D
  • If you go to minecraft on your iPad. If you make a new world and turn on cheats there is a educational edition option. If this is selected does that mean you can play with players on PC?
  • Pradhnesh Giri
    Yes, i say why not if u try to do this I think it is gonaa work all the best
  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    We now ship on both iPad and Chromebook!


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