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  • M:EE Support
    Hi there,
    That is correct, Minecraft: Education Edition works fine once it has verified the login information as having a valid license (this is why a brief connection to the internet is not an optional step). This is a check that is performed each time at log in and if you close Education Edition, the software will need to perform this check again.

    I did a brief test in which I connected to MakeCode (my personal favorite) to test this Code Connection idea:
    1. Logged into Education Edition via wi-fi, connected to Code Connection, turned off wi-fi, ran code: Agent was responsive, code was functional in 2/3 of the simple tests I ran
    2. Logged into Education Edition via wi-fi, logged off wi-fi, connected to Code Connection, ran code: Education Edition connected to Code Connection, Agent was not responsive

    I would not feel comfortable guaranteeing this offline scenario works 100% of the time in light of the above data. Hope that helps.
  • Ahilam Rivera Domena
  • isaako pelasio

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  • Andrew Forgrave

    We are running into this exact issue this weekend. We’re trying to use Code Connection with W10 or standalone Education Edition, but we don’t have reliable Internet. Some machines seem to let us connect using but others do not.  If we give each machine temporary Internet, we can authenticate, but all it takes is for someone to accidentally close down M:EE and we’re back to square one.

    On a related note, there are a lot of parents who would like to access M:EE for homeschooling, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that yet.  It would be nice to be able to provide them with an alternative of W10 and Code Companion. A version of Bedrock for Macs to work with Code Companion would also be appreciated. I’m sure the code base already exists.


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