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cloud based Realms for MC EE



  • Trevor Ragan
    If worlds created by students were account based instead of computer based, it wouldn't matter which computer a student log in at (both at school and at home). While every world seems to be a minimum of 22MB. If the worlds were stored on the student's OneDrive (where there is like a Terabyte of storage), worlds could be accessed from anywhere and new worlds could easily be imported. Otherwise, the server option needs to be brought back (with tie ins to the school domain name). Having classroom persistent Maps would be great for building some truly amazing projects which have no chance to get off the ground if in-school access is necessary.
  • Chad Leggett
    I completely agree with your explantion and reasoning. We are trying to implement this next year with our students and the storage location issue is going to cause some issues. Our school district is not one to one, so getting these things to store in the cloud somewhere would be awesome.

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