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Export-import bug



  • M:EE Support
    Please feel free to host your world somewhere in an easily accessible location, such as a Dropbox, OneDrive, or other file hosting location, open a ticket with our support team (, select gameplay issues to reach our form), include the link to this post, the link to your downloadable world for us, and we can get this information to one of our testers (as well as take a look at it on our machines).

    One vital information piece to include: Are these versions of MEE the same, aka, are they both 1.0.27? If you are exporting a world into or out of a newest version (1.0.27) into an older client (like 1.0.18) that is one way there could be issues with compatibility.

    Hope that helps! We look forward to helping you further look into this unusual issue!
  • You were correct. The Mac version is 1.0.27 and the PC version is 1.0.28. I will post to support.
  • Great work. Thanks

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