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Make M:EE available on iPads/iOS




  • I've been saying since before M:EE launched that priority number one above all others is to make the software available on as many platforms as possible from Xbox to Android, Chrome OS to Windows 7.  If it will log in to O365 it should be a target platform.

  • Trish Cloud

    There are so many large school districts using Chromebooks for the affordability alone. I am in a large urban district and we are 1:1 with Chromebooks in grades 3-12. If M: EE was available on Chromebooks its use in my district, and I am sure others, would go up dramatically.

  • jung koo

    Yes this would help the intake dramatically! Our school has limited access to desktops and laptops. We have limited iPads as well, but because our school population is so large we rely quite a lot on the BYOD program. Most students bring in iPads or Android devices. If MEE was available on these (with cross platform capabilities like the Better Together on Win10), then that immediately removes one of the barriers to implement this to the whole school.

  • MEE on Chromebooks would be the BEST! As chromebooks are becoming less and less expensive, many schools are choosing to use chromebooks over iPads and Macs. Please consider looking into MEE for Chromebooks!


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