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Increase limits on number of players supported in a multiplayer session up from 30




  • Official comment
    Minecraft EDU Team

    Hi all! Excited to share that we've changed the status of this request to "Planned"! We are considering upping the number of accounts in a multiplayer session to 40. Any thoughts?

  • realy need more users support

  • Peter Doherty

    Adding support to this!

  • Paul

    This would be handy for us as well!

  • This needs to happen ... almost all my classes are 30 plus ... be good to get some support on this. Also pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssse can we have mods for administrators ... the amount of cool content and provications I used for MinecraftEdu was awesome - that has all become fairly vanilla now we can't use mods :(


  • Christian Pirlet

    I would agree. This needs attention.

  • Sami Maisema

    I don't know any classes that have 20 or less students, so I agree

  • In my case I teach in Brazil, so we have classes of 50 students!!

  • Troy Wurth

    We are using Minecraft EE more and more. A few of our classes have more than 30 students. It would be great to see an increase in the number of connections.

  • I think this is a really low number, I don't know any single classroom that has less than 30 students.

    Even if it only allowed more than 30 players online in a local network, we could make it work.

  • Adding in Matheus Alencar De Melo's post here from 10/22:


    Everywhere I look, it says that M:EE has a cap of 30 players online in a server at the same time.

    I think this is a really low number, I don't know any single classroom that has less than 30 students.

    Is there anyway to increase this number? Can I get more students if they're all in the same local network?

  • E A

    Wait, the limit is 30?  My smallest class has 32 students!  Guess I never noticed as I've never had a class since I picked up Minecraft Ed. that's had every student attend.  Definitely needs to be upped to at least 35 I'd say though probably even higher.

  • Eric Luckenuik

    You see, an other advantage to put a higher limit is that if my students want to present a project we did to students from an other group, it's impossible at the moment. Having a public for their projects is a real motivation for students.

  • Mark Stevens

    I teach Game-Based learning to my university students and have classes of over 50.  I really need the ability to have more students on the server at one time.

  • Robert Ek

    Really need this to happen! I teach classes that almost every time we play there’s more than 30 students that want to join in the same world.

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  • PLEASE make this happen! I have classes bugger than 29 (because I am #30) and I can't do things together as a class because of it! Please consider 50 as the limit!

  • Terry Lucas

    Yes, please add more capacity for multiplayer mode. All my classes have more than 30 students. 

  • Andrew C

    My wish is that I could offer my students a virtual graduation in M:EE, since they can't gather in person. Imagine that they walk across a stage in from of their classmates, with families able to watch from home via a livestream.  

    30 players must be an arbitrary limit. What is the upper end that is possible on when hosting locally? 

    There are countless other good pedagogical reasons to want a higher cap. Personally, I want multiple classes to collaborate on the same projects, in real time. 

    Since educator accounts are already enabled with some privileges (like automatic/un-revokable operator status) I wonder if it would be possible to increase the hosting limit for educator-players while keeping it the same for students, as a way of limiting potential downsides to high-player worlds. And/Or, perhaps only "old" or non-infinite worlds could have more than 30 to resolve some performance issues.

    In terms of specific numbers I think 100 would be awesome, but 150 would be better. But, what is the real limit to increase the number of players when hosting locally? I would love an option to change the limit in settings per the host device's capability.

    There are specific activities where 1000+ players could be incredibly cool, for example as a form of virtual conference for educators, or multi-school activity days. Those applications would need a different level of implementation that what I'm asking for here though (I'm also in the dedicated server thread).


  • Minecraft EDU Team

    Andrew C thanks for this extra insight - our team is actively working on this!

  • Dominic Hill

    I just want to agree with everyone, we teach classes of 45 - 52 and would love to be able to manage this with one world.

    Another solution is that my account could host two worlds at once, so I can split into two groups but still manage both worlds. Either will do please!

  • +1 for more than 30!


  • Anne Skurnick

    OMG! 40 would be WONDERFUL!!! I've had classes as large as 35 so far. This would definitely be a welcomed changed! So now the question is.... how quickly can we see this? ;)

  • Some classes are over 40, but 40 will likely handle most situations with classes -- perhaps we should run a poll?

    If it's possible to do 40, why not 100? I think we could affect more change in the student experience if we create multiple pathways/openings for things to happen.

  • Craig AUSTIN

    I have a session with 60 people end of July....
    - currently I'm preparing a budget for Minecraft for Windows 10 licenses :(
    Any chance of achieving that?

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    In a shared world with the teacher present, the 30 member limit holds classes to a size of 29.

    I'm really not aware of very many public schools that keep classes smaller than this. I am not aware of many private schools that manage it either. If you want a teacher to be able to take an entire class into a world it really needs to be bigger.

    Priority update? Yep. def.

  • Run multiple worlds -- make your own server farm in the classroom. . . . until we get an update.

  • Craig AUSTIN

    Bryan, great idea - please share more on how to connect multiple worlds.

  • Bryan Sanders (archived)

    Craig AUSTIN

    I recommend reserving about 5 usernames just for your own use as Lab Accounts. For example, MCLab1, MCLab2, and on. And then you will need one computer for each of those accounts and begin a world on each. 

    Then just share the join codes and now you have five (or whatever number suits you) "servers" for your students!


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