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Increase limits on number of players supported in a multiplayer session up from 30




  • Joe Scanlon

    We started with classes of 10 - 20 but now the latest class has 50+ students. It would be great to get  60 player limit. 

  • If that's not possible, I would allow teachers to open 4 or 5 accounts at the same time. That way, I can manage multiple servers. I'm trying to introduce Minecraft Education in my school, but it's a bit hard to ask for 5 paid accounts for me only to run my class. It's rather frustrating that such a good tool is limited by that dumb limit.

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    @Jean-Philippe - as I'm sure you know, the latest update increased the number of players to 40 per class. I personally cannot imagine administrating a group over that number, but other teachers manage multiple computers to do so. Increasing from 30 to 40 seems like a huge improvement to me! (3 computers where four were necessary...) See more here: 

  • Minecraft EDU Team

    Update - we now have completed this item! Let us know your thoughts as you test it!

  • can u make it so that it is like a server where up to 100 people can join



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