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Version Choosing



  • Official comment
    Kyle M

    Thanks for posting. Great suggestion!

  • Phil N

    Where do you get the old versions of the software? Do you archive them yourself Stephen?

  • Yes, our IT department created their own installation package, so I have a copy of the older version of that that I can use when I need to roll back. The frustrating thing was, in this circumstance, I was in quite a bit of a flap and a hurry, and didn't back up my world folder before uninstalling, so I lost the worlds on this install... Luckily only one, but still a few hours worth of work that I will need to re-do :D

  • Jan Lewis

    Trying to find 1.7.1 for MacOS which is only giving me 1.7.0, I need to open an imported game made in Windows in v1.7.1. Does it exist for MacOS? 


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