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Minecraft Education Edition in VR



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    Kyle M Community team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi Luca, thanks for the suggestion. Its definitely something we will keep in mind for the future.



  • S Doyle

    Has there been any progress on this ? We are considering VR headsets at our school, and having Education Edition in VR would be a huge selling point. 

  • Yes, what is the status of VR in Minecraft EDU? 

  • We would really like to explore Minecraft EE with VR also and would like an update as soon as possible?

  • Boštjan Ledinek

    This would be just great! I hope it will be available soon!

  • Ben McCrea

    In agreement, we have VR in our school and would love to tout Minecraft as an asset. Please make this happen as soon as possible. Looking forward to walking through Ancient Rome with my 6th Graders!

  • Andrew Hawtin


    I am convinced that Virtual Reality will be essential for the future of education. I would love to see Minecraft EDU get in on the ground floor.

  • Penny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Support Team Member

    Thanks for the feedback!  I'll definitely pass this on to our product team.  Some of our customers have reported success with VR systems that are PC based, which is something you can check out.

  • Andrew Hawtin

    Thanks Penny,

    Our school has invested in:
    ClassVR systems (good classroom management, but the hardware has a ways to go)
    Oculus GOs (A step up from the ClassVRs, but the single control and lack of 6dof is limiting, and managing 20 odd can be difficult)
    Oculus Quest (Great hardware and affordable, but locked into the Oculus ecosystem). Minecraft EDU would be great on these!
    And one HTC Vive Pro. We could buy the windows 10 version of Minecraft with VR support, but obviously, the EDU version has benefits over this as a learning tool. We also have MANY Minecraft EDU licenses.

    I appreciate your dedication to supporting innovative and engaging learning experiences for the kids.

    Kind regards,



  • Andrew Hawtin

    I would like to support this request. VR has alot of promise in education, and considering that the Minecraft EDU edition is targeted towards schools, I would love to see comparability added.

  • Debra Wood

    I so want to use VR with programming in the classroom and for age 12-15 Minecraft would be ideal. How cool to write the code and then 'step inside' the world to see it! Please consider adding VR capability ASAP:)

  • Ian R Phillips

    Any progress with using Minecraft Education edition in VR?

    The boys are missing out on so much potential

  • We also are looking forward to the VR compatibilty in our schools! 

  • Yes Minecraft: Education Edition in VR oculus quest 1 and 2 etc.

  • MINECRAFT: EDUCATION EDITION on the nintendo switch

  • marcello caselli

    la nostra scuola sta valutando l'utilizzo di Minecraft Education. Il VR sarebbe una risorsa fondamentale, vorrei sapere se è in cantiere un progetto in tal senso 

  • Volkan TIRPANCI

    We also would like play minecraft education edition with vr headsets. Is it possible now? If yes, how? Thanks

  • long tran

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  • Martin Bukacek

    Any progress in making Minecraft available in affordable VR headsets like Oculus Quest 2? Thank you!

  • Yu Leung Ho

    We would also like to let student to have immerse experience by using cardboard type VR as well. Please kindly consider, thank you!

  • Ian Ducharme

    4 years ago, someone thought this might be a good idea (see the first post in this thread). We have a lot of vr headsets connected to windows computers with MEE installed at our schoolboard in Ontario, a STEM forward jurisdiction. We also would love to add the pedagogical power of Minecraft to our arsenal of teaching tools to prepare kids for the not so distant future (4 years more or less). 

  • Joe Thomson

    We have an immersive Classroom and would love to be able to get Minecraft EE working in there. Is there any progress on this being available in VR now the standard version is VR compatible?


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