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Improved Book features: Formatting, editing, math friendly, freehand, .pdf compatibility



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    Kyle M

    Answer: We are actively investigating what features are feasible to have.

  • Thanks to Liz Wilson for the suggestion to add the ability to export books to Mixed Reality viewer. Awesome idea.

  • Barri Mock

    This is really important in creating an educational tool with bite! The export of Book and Quill via PDF is poor. I have had some success with Portfolio and adding to a Sway, which is great, but the B & Q export is not that useful and is such an important aspect for assessment. In addition to this, the whole concept of some basic editing in the B & Q are vital. Just some basic improvement such as easy bold, underline and click to move cursor in the area would make the whole experience 100% better for learning! 🙏

  • Andrew C

    I don't have students use b&q because it is a terrible text editor. Camera is also gimmicky because a screenshot or recording is way more efficient for students to show what they did. 


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